Mission and Goals

The mission of the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia is to serve the public interest by ensuring that financially healthy utility companies provide safe, reliable and quality utility services at reasonable rates for District of Columbia customers, while fostering grid modernization, conservation of natural resources, preservation of environmental quality, and advancement of the District’s climate policy commitments.

We do this by:
  • Motivating customer– and results–oriented employees
  • Protecting consumers to ensure public safety, reliability, and quality services
  • Regulating monopoly services to ensure their rates are just and reasonable
  • Fostering fair and open competition among service providers
  • Conserving natural resources and preserving environmental quality
  • Resolving disputes among consumers and service providers
  • Educating consumers and informing the public

The Commission has identified three goals for carrying out its mission: 
  • Grid Modernization
    The Commission’s top priority is modernizing the District’s distribution energy delivery system.  We work to ensure that our energy delivery system remains safe, reliable and affordable while also becoming more sustainable, interactive and secure.
  • Infrastructure Enhancements
    The Commission continues to monitor and initiate investments in energy and utility infrastructure improvements. Our goal is to ensure the safety, reliability and sustainability of the city’s utility delivery systems.
  • Community Engagement
    The core of the Commission’s mission is serving the public interest. As a regulator, we ensure that energy and telecom providers offer safe, reliable and quality services at just and reasonable rates.