Utility Consumer Complaints, Mediation and Inquiries

The Commission's Office of Consumer Services has staff available to assist consumers with problems they may have with a utility company or competitive provider.

If a consumer specialist is not able to resolve the complaint, the complainant can request a formal hearing in writing. The complainant can also ask the Office of the People's Counsel to provide legal representation at no charge to the complainant. The Office of the People's Counsel can be reached on (202) 727-3071. In the case of billing disputes, Commission engineering staff may also conduct electric and natural gas meter tests at the complainant's request.

Consumers can contact the Office of Consumer Services by: 
  • Calling (202) 626-5120
  • Visiting the office at 1325 G Street, NW, Suite 800, Washington DC 20005
  • Sending a letter to the Commission's address
  • Customer Complaint and Inquiries Form
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