Employee Directory

The Commission has 90.6 full-time positions organized into 14 offices headed by a Chairperson and two Commissioners who are appointed to 4-year terms by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Council of DC.

Press Contacts
Kellie Didigu, Strategic Communications Director
t: (202) 626-5100
Office of the Chairman

t  202-626-5119       f  202-626-9212       e  ChairmanThompson@psc.dc.gov

Name Title Email
Emile C. Thompson Chairman ethompson@psc.dc.gov
Shanelle Patterson Racial Equity Officer spatterson@psc.dc.gov
Merancia Noelsaint Policy Advisor mnoelsaint@psc.dc.gov
Danielle Gurkin Principal Legislative Advisor dgurkin@psc.dc.gov
Wendy Newkirk Executive Assistant wnewkirk@psc.dc.gov

Office of Commissioner Richard A. Beverly

t  202-626-5117       f  202-638-1785       e  CommissionerBeverly@psc.dc.gov

Name Title Email
Richard A. Beverly Commissioner rbeverly@psc.dc.gov
Alex Fisher Policy Advisor afisher@psc.dc.gov
Mable T. Spears Executive Assistant mspears@psc.dc.gov

Office of Commissioner Ted Trabue

t  202-626-5125       f  202-638-1785       e  CommissionerTrabue@psc.dc.gov

Name Title Email
Ted Trabue Commissioner ttrabue@psc.dc.gov
Kelly Watson Policy Advisor kwatson@psc.dc.gov
Ralea Roberts Executive Assistant rroberts@psc.dc.gov

Office of the Executive Director (OED)

t  202-626-5139       f  202-626-9174       e  OED@psc.dc.gov

Name Title Email
Quincy Booth Executive Director qbooth@psc.dc.gov
Aminta Daves Special Assistant adaves@psc.dc.gov
Vanetta Wells Senior Program Analyst vwells@psc.dc.gov

Office of the Deputy Executive Director (ODED)

t  202-626-9184       f  202-626-5106       e  ODED@psc.dc.gov

Name Title Email
Paul Martinez Deputy Executive Director pmartinez@psc.dc.gov
Karen Hester Senior Contract Specialist khester@psc.dc.gov
Kimberly Gray Contract Specialist kgray@psc.dc.gov
Lynette Campbell Procurement Technician lcampbell@psc.dc.gov

Office of the Technical and Regulatory Analysis (OTRA)

t  202-626-1120       f  202-626-9174       e  OTRA@psc.dc.gov

Name Title Email
Poorani Ramachandran Director pramachandran@psc.dc.gov
Thaddeus Johnson Chief of Staff tjohnson@psc.dc.gov
Khadysha Moore Staff Assistant kmoore@psc.dc.gov
Vacant Chief, Office of Compliance and Enforcement
Donald Jackson Compliance and Enforcement Officer djackson@psc.dc.gov
Damon Patterson Compliance Inspector dpatterson@psc.dc.gov
Natalie Taylor Program Support Specialist (Contractor) ntaylor@psc.dc.gov
Ahmadou Bagayoko Pipeline Safety Engineer abagayoko@psc.dc.gov
Magid Yousif Pipeline Safety Engineer myousif@psc.dc.gov
Rafael Bohorquez Pipeline Safety Engineer rbohorquez@psc.dc.gov
Vacant Damage Prevention Inspector
Stephen Sunderhauf Chief, Economics ssunderhauf@psc.dc.gov
Roger Fujihara Senior Electricity Economist rfujihara@psc.dc.gov
Vacant Senior Economist
Matthew Mercogliano Economist mmercogliano@psc.dc.gov
Christopher Lundt Economist clundt@psc.dc.gov
Barry Weise Sustainability Officer bweise@psc.dc.gov
Dollie Banks Senior Environmental Economist dbanks@psc.dc.gov
Thomas Olmstead Senior Environmental Economist tolmstead@psc.dc.gov
Gillian Marime Chief, Finance & Accounting gmarime@psc.dc.gov
Timour Skrynnikov Senior Financial Analyst tskrynnikov@psc.dc.gov
Dozie Nzeogu Financial Analyst dnzeogu@psc.dc.gov
Tom Shetty Senior Analyst tshetty@psc.dc.gov
Edward Ongweso Telecommunications Economist eongweso@psc.dc.gov
Bryan Henning Chief, Office of Infrastructure & System Planning bhenning@psc.dc.gov
Felix Otiji Senior Auditor (Contractor) fotiji@psc.dc.gov
Vacant Auditor
Maria Teresa Brown Infrastructure Project Lead mbrown@psc.dc.gov
Sarah Arif Clean Energy Innovator Fellow sarif@psc.dc.gov
Vacant General Engineer

Office of the General Counsel (OGC)

t  202-626-5140       f  202-393-6769       e  OGC@psc.dc.gov

Name Title Email
Christopher G. Lipscombe General Counsel clipscombe@psc.dc.gov
Jamond D. Perry Deputy General Counsel jperry@psc.dc.gov
Noel Antonio Attorney Advisor nantonio@psc.dc.gov
Richard Herskovitz Attorney Advisor rherskovitz@psc.dc.gov
Kim Lincoln-Stewart Attorney Advisor kstewart@psc.dc.gov
Lara Walt Attorney Advisor lwalt@psc.dc.gov
Angela Parsons Attorney Advisor aparsons@psc.dc.gov
Brian Edmonds Attorney Advisor bedmonds@psc.dc.gov
Aaron Herbert Attorney Advisor aherbert@psc.dc.gov
Stephan Jaksch Attorney Advisor sjaksch@psc.dc.gov
Alex Woodward Attorney Advisor awoodward@psc.dc.gov
Hunter Davis Attorney Advisor hdavis@psc.dc.gov
Tiffany Frazier Regulatory Affairs Specialist tfrazier@psc.dc.gov
John Wilburn Paralegal jwilburn@psc.dc.gov

Office of Strategic Communications (OSC)

t  202-626-5124       e  OSC@psc.dc.gov

Name Title Email
Kellie Didigu Strategic Communications Director kdidigu@psc.dc.gov
Steven Schwark Public Affairs Specialist sschwark@psc.dc.gov
Whitney Douglas Public Affairs Specialist wdouglas@psc.dc.gov
Rickey Davis Communications Specialist (Contractor) rdavis@psc.dc.gov

Office of the Commission Secretary (OCMS)

t  202-626-5150       f  202-393-1389       e  OCMS@psc.dc.gov

Name Title Email
Brinda Westbrook Commission Secretary bwestbrook@psc.dc.gov
Marvin Briggs Records and Information Management Specialist mbriggs@psc.dc.gov
Tiara Baber Staff Assistant tbaber@psc.dc.gov
Vasheena Butler Senior Regulatory Docket Specialist vbutler@psc.dc.gov
Alphonzo Harris Regulatory Docket Specialist aharris@psc.dc.gov
Annie Ngo Data Analyst ango@psc.dc.gov
Joanne Anaele Program Analyst janaele@psc.dc.gov

Office of Human Resources (OHR)

t  202-626-5102       f  202-626-5105       e  OHR@psc.dc.gov

Name Title Email
Benita Anderson Chief Human Resources Officer banderson@psc.dc.gov
Sophia Pryce Senior Human Resources Specialist spryce@psc.dc.gov

Office of Information Technology (OIT)

t  202-626-5132       e  OIT@psc.dc.gov

Name Title Email
Bruce Cho Information Technology Manager bcho@psc.dc.gov
Sidd Malhotra Information Technology Specialist smalhotra@psc.dc.gov
Rae Magarino Information Technology Specialist rmagarino@psc.dc.gov

Office of Consumer Services (OCS)

t  202-626-5120       f  202-626-9210       e  OCS@psc.dc.gov

Name Title Email
Maurice Smith Director msmith@psc.dc.gov
Margaret Moskowitz Supervisory Consumer Services Specialist mmoskowitz@psc.dc.gov
Karimah Bilal Consumer Outreach Officer kbilal@psc.dc.gov
Aaron Aylor Consumer Services Specialist aaylor@psc.dc.gov
Amarjeet Kaur Consumer Services Specialist akaur@psc.dc.gov
Camille Ashford Consumer Outreach Specialist cashford@psc.dc.gov
Jayna Strong Consumer Outreach Specialist jstrong@psc.dc.gov
Kenneth Ford Consumer Services Specialist (Contractor) kford@psc.dc.gov

Office of the Agency Fiscal Officer (OAFO)

t  202-626-9170       f  202-626-0525       e  OAFO@psc.dc.gov

Name Title Email
Gurmeet Scoggins Agency Fiscal Officer gscoggins@psc.dc.gov
Brian Pearsall Budget Analyst bpearsall@psc.dc.gov
Abdullah Nabizada Budget Analyst anabizada@psc.dc.gov

* Officially employed by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer