Organizational Structure

The Commission has 90.6 full-time positions organized into 10 offices, all headed by a Chairperson and two Commissioners.

Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia
Organizational Structure FY2023

Office of the Executive Director (OED)

The Executive Director is the Performance Officer for the Commission, responsible for developing and assuring completion of all strategic planning initiatives as well as overseeing the agency’s budget and financial management. The Deputy Executive Director, Chief of Human Resources, Chief of Policy & Development and the Director of Consumer Services report to the Executive Director.

Office of the Deputy Executive Director (ODED)
The Deputy Executive Director is responsible for contracting and procurement, information technology and facility management. The Commission Secretary also reports to the Office of the Deputy Executive Director.


Office of the Technical and Regulatory Analysis (OTRA)
The Director of the Office of Technical & Regulatory Analysis (OTRA) advises the Commissioners on accounting, economic, engineering and financial issues in formal cases that are before the Commission. OTRA staff also monitor electric, natural gas and local telecommunications markets at the retail and wholesale levels. Additionally, OTRA conducts compliance reviews and audits and manages formal cases and investigations. Staff conduct annual surveys to gauge the status of local competition in the District.

OTRA is subdivided into four technical offices: Office of Economics, Office of Finance & Accounting, Office of Infrastructure & System Planning and Office of Compliance & Enforcement.

Office of the General Counsel (OGC)
The Office of the General Counsel (OGC) is responsible for all legal issues involving the day-to-day operations of the Commission, as well as a broad spectrum of issues that relate to the Commission's regulatory responsibilities. OGC represents and advises the Commission on all actions and proceedings set forth in the enabling statute or any other legislation. The staff of attorneys prepare orders, advisory memoranda, and assist the Commissioners in conducting all proceedings of the Commission.

Office of External Affairs (OEA)
The Director of the Office of External Affairs is responsible for the development and dissemination of all materials intended for external stakeholders, including members of the public, the press, the Council of DC, the Mayor, District agencies (e.g., DOEE, OPC) and federal agencies (e.g., FCC, FERC). The office prepares public notices, press releases, newsletters, social media updates, website updates, explanatory videos and other materials as assigned by the Commission's Chairperson.

Office of Policy & Development (OPAD)
The Chief of Policy & Development is responsible for identifying emerging trends in regulated industries and developing resources and processes to enable successful implementation of Commission initiatives. OPAD is the Commission’s “innovation champion,” both substantively and organizationally.

Office of the Commission Secretary (OCMS)
The Office of the Commission Secretary is responsible for maintaining the official files of the Commission. Thus, the office serves as the custodian of the official files and documents and as the filing and distribution point for the public's access to Commission filings, orders, and other documents.

Office of Human Resources (OHR)
The Chief of Human Resources provides human resource services to the Commission so that it can recruit, hire, manage, train, re-train, retain and motivate a qualified and diverse workforce. The office also facilitates employee training and development to help increase productivity, enhance workforce skills and improve the Commission's internal capabilities and performance.

Office of Consumer Services (OCS)
The Director of the Office of Consumer Services (OCS) is responsible for mediating utility company complaints and inquiries as well as managing public and community outreach programs. OCS provides complaint and informational services to utility consumers, informs the Commission of local and national consumer-related trends and provides the Commission with information on how well the utility companies serve their customers.

Office of the Agency Fiscal Officer (OAFO)
The Agency Fiscal Officer develops, implements and administers the budgeting, accounting, financial reporting and auditing systems as mandated by the District's Office of the Chief Financial Officer. These responsibilities are carried out in collaboration with the management directives of the Commission's Chairperson and the Commissioners.