Employee Directory

Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia

1325 G Street N.W., Suite 800,
Washington, DC 20005
Tel: (202) 626-5100

Press Contacts

Kellie Didigu

Cary Hinton

The Commission has 85.6 full-time positions and is headed by a Chairman and two Commissioners, who are appointed to four-year terms by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the DC Council. Willie L. Phillips is the Chairman and Richard A. Beverly serve as Commissioner.

Office of the Chairman

t  202-626-5119       f  202-626-9212

Name Title Email
Willie L. Phillips Chairman wphillips@psc.dc.gov
Felicia West Policy Advisor fwest@psc.dc.gov
Endrea L. Frazier Policy Advisor efrazier@psc.dc.gov
Wendy Newkirk Executive Assistant wnewkirk@psc.dc.gov

Office of Commissioner Richard A. Beverly

t  202-626-5117       f  202-638-1785

Name Title Email
Richard A. Beverly Commissioner rbeverly@psc.dc.gov
Brian Edmonds Policy Advisor bedmonds@psc.dc.gov
Mable T. Spears Executive Assistant mspears@psc.dc.gov

Office of Commissioner - Vacant

t  202-626-5118       f  202-626-5116

Office of External Affairs (OEA)

t  202-626-9186         

Name Title Email
Cary Hinton Director of External Affairs chinton@psc.dc.gov
Kellie Didigu Communications Officer kdidigu@psc.dc.gov
Steven Schwark Public Affairs Specialist sschwark@psc.dc.gov
Diamond Wade External Affairs Specialist dwade@psc.dc.gov

Office of the General Counsel (OGC)

t  202-626-5140       f  202-393-6769

Name Title Email
Christopher G. Lipscombe General Counsel clipscombe@psc.dc.gov
Angela Lee Deputy General Counsel alee@psc.dc.gov
Noel Antonio Attorney Advisor nantonio@psc.dc.gov
Richard Herskovitz Attorney Advisor rherskovitz@psc.dc.gov
Kenneth Hughes Attorney Advisor khughes@psc.dc.gov
Kim Lincoln-Stewart Attorney Advisor kstewart@psc.dc.gov
Lara Walt Attorney Advisor lwalt@psc.dc.gov
Kenneth Glick Attorney Advisor kglick@psc.dc.gov
Craig Berry Attorney Advisor cberry@psc.dc.gov
Merancia Noelsaint Attorney Advisor mnoelsaint@psc.dc.gov
Jamond Perry Attorney Advisor jperry@psc.dc.gov
Albert Ramsey-Speed Paralegal aramsey-speed@psc.dc.gov
Zachary Woltz Attorney Advisor zwoltz@psc.dc.gov
Tiffany Frazier Regulatory Affairs Specialist tfrazier@psc.dc.gov

Office of Human Resources (OHR)

t  202-626-5102       f  202-626-5105       e  PSC-HumanResources@dc.gov

Name Title Email
Benita Anderson Chief Human Resources Officer banderson@psc.dc.gov
Sophia Pryce Human Resources Specialist spryce@psc.dc.gov
Natalie Taylor Management Liaison Specialist ntaylor@psc.dc.gov

Office of the Executive Director (OED)

t  202-626-5139       f  (OED)-TBD

Name Title Email
Veronica Ahern Executive Director vahern@psc.dc.gov
Aminta Daves Special Assistant adaves@psc.dc.gov

Office of Policy and Development (OPAD)

t  202-626-5139         

Name Title Email
Patrice Hunter Chief Officer phunter@psc.dc.gov
Whitney Douglas Acting Program Analyst wdouglas@psc.dc.gov
Annie Ngo Data Analyst (Contractor) ango@psc.dc.gov
Isabella Cotrupi Program Analyst icotrupi@psc.dc.gov

Office of the Technical and Regulatory Analysis (OTRA)

t  202-626-5156       f  202-626-9174

Name Title Email
Stephen A. Mormann Deputy Executive Director for Regulatory Matters smormann@psc.dc.gov
Vanetta Wells Program Analyst vwells@psc.dc.gov
Khadysha Moore Staff Assistant Khadysha.moore@psc.dc.gov
Udeozo Ogbue Chief, Office of Compliance and Enforcement uogbue@psc.dc.gov
Donald Jackson Compliance and Enforcement Officer djackson@psc.dc.gov
Damon Patterson Compliance Inspector dpatterson@psc.dc.gov
Manmohan Singh Pipeline Safety Engineer msingh@psc.dc.gov
Ahmadou Bagayoko Pipeline Safety Engineer abagayoko@psc.dc.gov
Earnest Scott Pipeline Safety Engineer escott@psc.dc.gov
James Modozie Damage Prevention Inspector jmodozie@psc.dc.gov
Grace Hu Chief Economist ghu@psc.dc.gov
Roger Fujihara Senior Electricity Economist rfujihara@psc.dc.gov
John Howley Senior Economist jhowley@psc.dc.gov
Matthew Mercogliano Economist mmercogliano@psc.dc.gov
Jason Cross Economist jcross@psc.dc.gov
Felix Otiji Chief, Finance and Accounting fotiji@psc.dc.gov
Gillian Marime Senior Accountant gmarime@psc.dc.gov
Sumiko Hossain Senior Financial Analyst shossain@psc.dc.gov
Timour Skrynnikov Financial Analyst tskrynnikov@psc.dc.gov
Edward Ongweso Telecommunications Economist eongweso@psc.dc.gov
Rodney Wilson Auditor rwilson@psc.dc.gov
Poorani Ramachandran Chief, Office of Infrastructure and System Planning pramachandran@psc.dc.gov
Gary Pulliam General Engineer gpulliam@psc.dc.gov

Office of the Deputy Executive Director (ODED)

t  202-626-5145       f  202-626-5106

Name Title Email
Kirsten Williams Deputy Executive Director kwilliams@psc.dc.gov
Paul Martinez Chief Information Technology Officer pmartinez@psc.dc.gov
Bruce Cho IT Specialist bcho@psc.dc.gov
Marvin Briggs Acting Website Specialist mbriggs@psc.dc.gov
Karen Hester Procurement Analyst khester@psc.dc.gov
Ralea Roberts Executive Assistant rroberts@psc.dc.gov

Office of the Commission Secretary (OCMS)

t  202-626-5150       f  202-393-1389       e  psc-commissionsecretary@dc.gov

Name Title Email
Brinda Westbrook Commission Secretary bwestbrook@psc.dc.gov
Carmen Davis Regulatory Docket Manager cdavis@psc.dc.gov
Tiara Baber Staff Assistant tbaber@psc.dc.gov
Alphonzo Harris Regulatory Docket Specialist aharris@psc.dc.gov
Vasheena Butler Regulatory Docket Specialist vbutler@psc.dc.gov
Hazel Doe Public Information Assistant hdoe@psc.dc.gov
Joanne Anaele Regulatory Docket Clerk (Contractor) janaele@psc.dc.gov

Office of Consumer Services (OCS)

t  202-626-5120       f  202-626-9210

Name Title Email
Maurice Smith Director msmith@psc.dc.gov
Donna Galloway Supervisory Consumer Services Specialist dgalloway@psc.dc.gov
Kirk McKoy Administrative Assistant kmckoy@psc.dc.gov
Margaret Moskowitz Senior Consumer Service Specialist mmoskowitz@psc.dc.gov
Hicham Mokhtari Consumer Services Specialist hmokhtari@psc.dc.gov
Aaron Aylor Consumer Services Specialist aaylor@psc.dc.gov
Jerry E. Peterson Consumer Services Specialist jpeterson@psc.dc.gov
Kristen Randolph Consumer Education and Outreach Specialist krandolph@psc.dc.gov
Teresa Johnson Outreach Assistant tjohnson@psc.dc.gov

Office of the Agency Fiscal Officer (OAFO)

t  202-626-9170       f  202-626-0525

Name Title Email
Gurmeet Scoggins Agency Fiscal Officer gscoggins@psc.dc.gov
Alicia Smith Financial Specialist* asmith@psc.dc.gov
Brian Pearsall Budget Analyst bpearsall@psc.dc.gov

* Officially employed by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer