Management and Organizational Assessment

The Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia (Commission) engaged ADC Management Solutions (ADC-MS) to assess the Commission’s business practices and operations to identify potential improvements. The overarching objective of the ongoing Management and Organizational Assessment (Assessment) is to improve the timeliness and responsiveness of the Commission’s actions, as well as to improve the Commission’s ability to communicate with its stakeholders.
This Report summarizes the findings of the Assessment. It represents the analysis and feedback gained from a review of internal and external stakeholder survey responses, focus groups and interviews. The Report also considers benchmarking research conducted at similarly situated regional public service and utility commissions.
Findings from this research and analysis will assist the Commission in embarking on a culture of operational excellence, data-driven decision making, innovation, and consumer-centric focus. ADC-MS organized the Report findings and recommendations in the areas of people, process, technology and culture. The recommendations provide the Commission with strategic approaches for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Commission operations.

This is an ongoing assessment and the Commission is committed to moving forward with the results outlined in this Report. Be sure to visit the Commission’s website for regular status updates on implementation of the recommendations.