Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard

Electricity suppliers in D.C. must provide an increasing percentage of their electricity from renewable resources, following rules created by the Public Service Commission. The Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard program was established to help create a market in the District for electricity from renewable sources.
The Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Act requires the Commission to annually report on the status of RPS implementation. The report includes data on the number of renewable generators approved by the Commission and the availability of renewable resources in the District.  The report also includes the number of renewable energy credits retired by the electricity suppliers to meet the RPS requirements.

2020 Report Highlights
The 2020 Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Report highlights the significant growth in solar energy generator applications in the District. This increase reflects the District’s aggressive Climate Change and Energy Action Plans as well as solar program and resources available to District residents and businesses.

Download the 2020 Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard Report.

Renewable Portfolio Standard FAQs