DCMR: Commission Regulations

15-1 Public Service Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure
15-2  Utility Rate Changes
15-3   Consumer Rights and Responsibilities
15-4  Master-Metered Apartment Buildings
15-5   Fuel Adjustment Clause Audit and Review Program
15-6   Pay Telephones
15-7 Freedom of Information Act
15-8  Interconnection with Telephone Company Facilities
15-9 Net Energy Metering
15-13 Rules Implementing the Public Utilities Reimbursement Fee Act of 1980
15-14 Agency Fund Requirements
15-15 Rules Implementing the Public Utilities Amendment Act of 1989
15-16 Use of Public Utility Facilities
15-17 Common Carriers of Passengers by Water
15-18 Non-Residential Customer’s Rights
15-20 Office of the People’s Counsel Agency Fund
15-21 Provisions for Construction of Electric Generating Facilities and Transmission Lines

Procurement Regulations

15-23 Natural Gas
15-24  Uniform System of Accounts for Telephone Corporations
15-25 Certification of Local Exchange Service Providers
15-26 Rules Implementing Section 252 of Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996
15-27 Regulation of Telecommunications Service Providers
15-28 Universal Service
15-29 Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard
15-35 Applications for Authority to Issue or Amend Tariffs or Issue Stock or Evidences of Indebtedness
15-36 Electricity Quality of Service Standards
15-37 Natural Gas Quality of Service Standards
15-39 Affiliate Transactions Code of Conduct
15-40 District of Columbia Small Generator Interconnection Rules
15-41 The District of Columbia Standard Offer Service Rules
15-42  Fuel Mix and Emissions Disclosure Reports
15-43 Rules for Purchase of Liquid-Immersed Distribution Transformers by the Electric Utility
15-44 Submetering and Energy Allocation
15-46 Licensure of Electricity Suppliers
15-47 Licensure of Natural Gas Suppliers