DCMR: Commission Regulations


The Public Service Commission (Commission) maintains a compiled version of Chapter 15 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations on its website to enhance the public’s access.  However, the Commission rules are continually updated after publication in the D.C Register.  To ensure review of the most “up to date” rules, please access the official copy of Chapter 15 on the Office of Documents and Administrative Issuances’ website at https://dcregs.dc.gov/default.aspx
15-1 Public Service Commission Rules of Practice and Procedure
15-2  Utility Rate Changes
15-3   Consumer Rights and Responsibilities
15-4  Master-Metered Apartment Buildings
15-5   Fuel Adjustment Clause Audit and Review Program
15-6   Pay Telephones
15-7 Freedom of Information Act
15-8  Interconnection with Telephone Company Facilities
15-9 Net Energy Metering
15-13 Rules Implementing the Public Utilities Reimbursement Fee Act of 1980
15-14 Agency Fund Requirements
15-15 Rules Implementing the Public Utilities Amendment Act of 1989
15-16 Use of Public Utility Facilities
15-17 Common Carriers of Passengers by Water
15-18 Non-Residential Customer’s Rights
15-20 Office of the People’s Counsel Agency Fund
15-21 Provisions for Construction of Electric Generating Facilities and Transmission Lines

Procurement Regulations

15-23 Natural Gas
15-24  Uniform System of Accounts for Telephone Corporations
15-25 Certification of Local Exchange Service Providers
15-26 Rules Implementing Section 252 of Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996
15-27 Regulation of Telecommunications Service Providers
15-28 Universal Service
15-29 Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard
15-35 Applications for Authority to Issue or Amend Tariffs or Issue Stock or Evidences of Indebtedness
15-36 Electricity Quality of Service Standards
15-37 Natural Gas Quality of Service Standards
15-39 Affiliate Transactions Code of Conduct
15-40 District of Columbia Small Generator Interconnection Rules
15-41 The District of Columbia Standard Offer Service Rules
15-42  Fuel Mix and Emissions Disclosure Reports
15-43 Rules for Purchase of Liquid-Immersed Distribution Transformers by the Electric Utility
15-44 Submetering and Energy Allocation
15-46 Licensure of Electricity Suppliers
15-47 Licensure of Natural Gas Suppliers