List of Major Issues and Current Open Cases

  1. FC 766 - In the Matter of the Public Service Commission's Fuel Adjustment Clause Audit and Review Program.
  2. FC 982 - Electric Quality of Service Standards (EQSS), monthly outage reports, outage investigations, and follow-up and electric service restoration issues
  3. FC 1017 - Pepco's default Standard Offer Service (SOS) for electricity customers who have not chosen an alternative generation supplier and transmission rate deadband filings
  4. FC 1050 - Mid-Atlantic Distributed Resources Initiative (MADRI) model small generator interconnection procedures
  5. FC 1056 - Pepco's implementation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) including the deployment of smart meters and the development and implementation of a customer education program through the AMI Customer Education Working Group
  6. FC 1076 - Pepco rate case and related Cost Allocation Manual (CAM) and management audit issues
  7. FC 1086 - Pepco's request for approval of a residential air conditioner direct load control program
  8. FC 1098 - Washington Gas Energy Services' petition for an investigation into retail electricity supplier access to smart meter data
  9. FC 1099 - Pepco's application for a certificate authorizing it to issue and sell up to $850,000,000.00 of long-term secured and unsecured debt securities.
  10. FC 1114 - Investigation of the policy, economic, legal and technical issues and questions related to establishing a dynamic pricing plan in the District of Columbia.- Suspended as of May 13, 2015, pursuant to Commission Order No. 17877.
  11. FC 1116 - Pepco/DDOT's application for approval of the Power Lines Underground Projects Plan
  12. FC 1117 - Pepco's formal notice of plans to construct four 138 kV underground transmission circuits between Little Falls Parkway in Maryland and Pepco's Van Ness Substation in Northwest, DC
  13. FC 1119 - Merger of Exelon Corporation, Pepco Holdings, Inc., Potomac Electric Power Company, Exelon Energy Delivery Company, LLC and New Special Purpose Entity, LLC
  14. FC 1120 - Commission's investigation into the Residential Aid Discount.
  15. FC 1121 - Pepco's Financing Order Application/DC PLUG Initiative
  16. FC 1123 - Pepco's formal notice of plans to construct a 230 kV/138 kV/13 kV substation and four 230 kV/138 kV underground transmission circuits on buzzard point in Southwest, DC
  17. FC 1124 - Pepco's application for authorization to issue $750,000,000.00 of long-term secured or unsecured debt securities
  18. FC 1136 - Pepco's formal notice of plans to construct two 230 kV underground transmission circuits on Buzzard Point in Southwest, DC
  19. FC 1139 - Pepco's Application for Authority to Increase Existing Retail Rates and Charges for Electric Distribution Service
  20. FC 1144 - Pepco's Formal Notice of Construction of the Capital Grid Project.
  21. FC 1145 - Applications for approval of Power Line Underground Projects Plans.
  22. FC 1147 - Pepco's application to the Commission for a certificate authorizing the Company to issue and sell up to $600,000,000 of long-term secured or unsecured debt securities.
  23. FC 1148 - In the matter of the investigation into the establishment and implementation of Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Programs targeted towards both Affordable Multifamily Units and Master Metered Multifamily Buildings which include low and limited income residents in the District of Columbia.
  24. FC 1149 - In the matter of the investigation into the structure and application of an Experimental Rate Class for both Senior Citizens and Disabled Residents in the District of Columbia.
  25. FC 1150 - Pepco's Rate Application
  26. FC 1153 - Pepco's Petition for an Investigation to Determine the Jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia to Regulate the Electric Distribution System at The Parks at Walter Reed.
  27. BE - E - Electricity suppliers billing error notifications (Includes Pepco)
  28. CAM2014-01 - Pepco's 2014 Annual Cost Allocation Manual
  29. CAM2015-01 - Pepco’s 2015 Annual Cost Allocation
  30. DCC2014-01 - Petition for Review of Commission Order Nos. 17625 and 17666
  31. DCC2014-02 - Petition for Review of Commission Order Nos. 17626 and 17666
  32. DCC2015-01 - Petition for Review of Commission Order Nos. 17697 and 17769
  33. DCC2015-02 - Petition for Review of Commission Order Nos. 17697 and 17769
  34. DCC2016-01 - OPC's Petition for Review of Commission Order No. 18243
  35. DCC2016-02 - DC Government's Petition for Review of Commission Order No. 18243
  36. DCC2016-03 - DC SUN & Public Citizens' Petition for Review of Commission Order No. 18243
  37. EAs - Electric Applications - Requests for certification of alternative electric generation suppliers
  38. ET 00-2 - Pepco's Rights of Way Fee
  39. FERC - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Filings
  40. PEPACR - Pepco's Annual Consolidated Reports
  41. PEPAMIR - Pepco's Advanced Metering Infrastructure Reports
  42. PEPBSAR - Pepco's Bill Stabilization Adjustment Reports
  43. PEPCAM - Pepco's Cost Allocation Manual Filings
  44. PEPCCR - Pepco's Call Center Reports
  45. PEPDLPR - Pepco's Direct Load Program Reports
  46. PEPEMMR - Pepco's Electric Market Monitoring Reports
  47. PEPGD - Pepco's Watthour Meter Test Reports
  48. PEPISCR - Pepco's Incremental Storm Damage Costs Reports
  49. PEPMIR - Pepco's Manhole Inspection Reports
  50. PEPPOR - Pepco's Purchase of Receivables Reports
  51. PEPRADR - Pepco's Residential Aid Discount Reports
  52. PEPRORETR - Pepco's Rate of Return Reports
  53. PSCMIR - Commission's Manhole Inspection Audit Reports
  54. RM5 - ACR Rules (D.C.M.R. Chapter 5)
  55. RM9 - Net Metering Rules (D.C.M.R. Chapter 9)
  56. RM29 - RPS Rules (D.C.M.R. Chapter 29)
  57. RM36 - Electric Quality of Service Standards' Rules (D.C.M.R. Chapter 36)
  58. RM41 - Standard Offer Service Rules (D.C.M.R. Chapter 41)
  59. RM46 - Electricity Suppliers Licensing and Bonding Rules (D.C.M.R. Chapter 46)
  60. RPS - Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Applications - certification of eligible District of Columbia renewable energy standards generating facilities
  61. RPSR - Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards Application Reports
  62. SO - E - Pepco's non-major service outage reports
  1. FC 787 - Application of Washington Gas Light Company for authority to increase existing rates and charges for gas service
  2. FC 874 - Washington Gas Light's (WGL's) natural gas procurement plans
  3. FC 977 - Establishment and monitoring of WGL's quality of service standards
  4. FC 1027 - Investigation and monitoring of water leaks into WGL's distribution system, monitoring WGL's implementation of a vintage coupling encapsulation program, and the approval of a cost recovery mechanism
  5. FC 1089 - Development of natural gas pipeline safety rules and regulations
  6. FC 1115 - WGL's request for approval of a revised accelerated pipeline replacement plan
  7. FC 1122 - WGL's application for authority to issue debt securities and preferred stock
  8. FC 1126 - OPC's Complaint against WGL regarding its unlawful compensation of competitive service providers in violation of its Rate Schedule No. 5
  9. FC 1127 - Commission's establishment of a discount program for low-income natural gas customers in the District of Columbia
  10. FC 1128 - Integrys Energy Services - Natural Gas, LLC for itself and in its capacity as agent for Pepco Energy Services, Inc., Novec Energy Solutions, Inc., Direct Energy Services, LLC, and Bollinger Energy, LLC's complaint regarding Operational Flow Order Noncompliance Penalties Levied by WGL for the period January through March, 2014
  11. FC 1129 - Commission's Investigation into default gas service provided by Washington Gas Light Company through the Purchase Gas Charge in the District of Columbia
  12. FC 1133 - WGL'S Application for Approval of Special Contract
  13. FC 1134 - Commission's Investigation into the Procurement Cost Adjustment for Standard Offer Services
  14. FC 1135 - WGL's Request to Establish a Regulatory Asset
  15. FC 1137 - WGL's Application for authority to increase exiting rates and charges for Gas Service; and to revise terms and conditions related to gas service in the District of Columbia.
  16. FC 1138 - Commission's investigation into WGL's new billing system and process and the potential impact on customers and competitive natural gas suppliers.
  17. FC 1140 - Investigation into the establishment of a purchase of receivables program for natural gas suppliers and their customers in the District of Columbia.
  18. FC 1141 - OPC's Petition for an Investigation into the Pipe Replacement and Meter Relocation Practice of WGL.
  19. FC 1142 - AltaGas Ltd., WGL Holdings, Inc., and Washington Gas Light Company's Merger Application with supporting testimony, exhibits, and work papers to obtain approval for a change of control.
  20. FC 1146 - WGL's Application for Authority to Issue Debt Securities and Preferred Stock.
  21. FC 1151 - WGL's Application for Approval of Reduction of Distribution Rates
  22. FC 1152 - Request for Exemption of Charges
  23. ACA - Washington Gas' Actual Cost Adjustment Reports
  24. BE - G - Natural gas suppliers' billing error notifications (Includes WGL)
  25. FDS 2015-01 - WGL's Balancing and Equalization
  26. GA - Gas Applications - Requests for certification of commodity natural gas suppliers
  27. GT 00-2 - WGL's rights of way fee
  28. GT 01-1 - WGL's hedging programs
  29. GT 95-3 - WGL's Application for Authority to Amend its Steam and Chilled Water Tariff
  30. GT 96-3 and GT 97-3 - WGL's customer choice programs for residential and large commercial customers respectively
  31. GT2013-01 - WGL's Compressed Natural Gas Service Tariff
  32. GT2014-01 - WGL's Application to Amend General Service Provision No. 4
  33. GT2014-03 - WGL's Application to Amend Rate Schedule Nos 3 3A, and 5
  34. GT2016-01 - WGL's Residential Essential Surcharge Tariff
  35. GT2016-02 - WGL's Residential Essential Reform Tariff
  36. OPC2017-01 - OPC's Independent Data Request to WGL regarding AltaGas, Ltd.'s proposed indirect acquisition of WGL.
  37. PGC - WGL's Purchased Gas Charge Reports
  38. VIO - Notices of Probable Utility Violations
  39. WGCAM - WGL's Cost Allocation Manual Filings
  40. WGIA 2016-01 - WGL's Request for Approval of Independent Accountant
  41. WGPRPR - WGL's Pipeline Replacement Project Reports
  42. WGRORETR - Washington Gas' Rate of Return Reports
  1. FC 892 and TAs (Telecommunications Applications) - Requests for certification of Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs)
  2. FC 950 - Investigation into the Payment Center Operations of Verizon
  3. FC 962 - Implementation of DC and Federal Telecommunications Competition Acts, including establishment of unbundled network element (UNE) rates
  4. FC 988 - D.C. Universal Service Trust Fund (DCUSTF) and Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) issues
  5. FC 990 - Establishment and monitoring, wholesale and retail telecommunications quality of service standards for the District of Columbia and investigations of service quality in the telecommunications industry
  6. FC 1057 - Verizon's petition for approval of Price Cap Plan 2007 and monitoring Verizon's promotional offerings
  7. FC 1090 - OPC's request for an investigation into the reliability of Verizon's telecommunications infrastructure in the District of Columbia
  8. FC 1102 - In the Matter of the Investigation into the Continued Use of Verizon Washington, DC, Inc.'s Copper Infrastructure to Provide Telecommunications Services.
  9. FC 1125 - Orders, filings, and reports on the Consumer Education Program and Utility Discount Program Education Working Group
  10. BE - T - Telecommunications providers' billing error notifications (Includes Verizon)
  11. FCC - Federal Communications Commission Filings
  12. NC - Numbering Conservation Filings
  13. SO - T - Telecommunications providers' service outage reports
  14. TIAs - Verizon's Telephone Interconnection Agreements
  15. TT 00-5 - Verizon's rights of way fee
  16. TT 06-6 - Verizon's promotional filings
  17. RM27 - Telecommunications Service Rules- (D.C.M.R. Chapter 27)
  18. RM28 - Universal Service Trust Fund Rules (D.C.M.R. Chapter 28)
  19. VAPLR - Verizon's Annual Payment Location Reports
  20. VERGD - Verizon's General Dockets
  1. FC 712 - Commission's rules, including the mandatory e-filing rulemaking and the implementation of the DC Council's Act re fines and forfeitures
  2. FC 1130 - The Commission's Investigation into Modernizing the Energy Delivery Structure for Increased Sustainability
  3. ASMT - Annual assessments of electric, natural gas, and local telecommunications providers serving the District for PSC's and OPC's operating budgets
  4. ARDIR - Pepco and WGL's Arrearages and Disconnections Reports
  5. CC - Formal Consumer Complaints
  6. FOIAs - Freedom of Information Act Requests
  7. GD - Matters requiring potential formal action by the Commission
  8. MOUs - Monitoring Pepco, Verizon and WGL's minority contracting initiatives in accordance with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Commission
  9. RM3 - Notice of Proposed Tariff (NOPT) in the D.C. Register. The Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia ("Commission") Public Notice dated July 10, 2015.