Grid Modernization

The Commission’s top priority is modernizing the District’s distribution energy delivery system.  Our goals are to ensure that our energy delivery system remains safe, reliable, and affordable while also becoming more sustainable, interactive, and secure. These goals are linked to the District of Columbia’s energy and climate action policies as articulated in the Clean Energy DC Plan.

The Clean Energy DC Act of 2018 mandates that 100% of the electricity sold in the District comes from renewable energy sources by 2032, reduce greenhouse gas emissions 50% below 2006 levels by 2032 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

PowerPath DC is the Commission’s grid modernization proceeding  that outlines the critical next steps to achieve a reliable, sustainable and resilient distribution energy delivery system in the District.

Transportation Electrification is a part of the Power Path DC proceeding. The Commission has prioritized the adoption of electric vehicles as a key strategy to reduce fossil fuel dependence, energy costs, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Whole Building Deep Energy Retrofit Program is an energy efficiency and energy conservation program that modernizes affordable multifamily buildings in D.C. to make them more efficient as well as help fight climate change.