Retrofitting buildings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The Deep Energy Retrofit Program will modernize affordable multifamily buildings in D.C.
to make them more efficient as well as help fight climate change.


As part of the District’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help fight climate change, the DCPSC has advanced a “Whole Building Deep Energy Retrofit Program” (Formal Case 1148) which is an energy efficiency and energy conservation (EEEC) program that assists affordable multifamily building owners with energy efficiency retrofit financing and helps them identify other energy programs that could minimize their buildings’ energy usage. 
The Clean Energy Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018 (Clean Energy Act) established new minimum Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS) for owners of private buildings in the District. By ensuring that affordable multifamily building owners have access to resources to comply with the BEPS, the Deep Energy Retrofit program will help achieve the District’s climate policy commitments. The program also supports the “Clean Energy DC Plan” goal to make equity and affordability central considerations when implementing climate policies.
Current status
The EEEC Task Force recommended that the DCPSC select the International Center for Appropriate & Sustainable Technology (ICAST) as the Deep Energy Retrofit Program implementer. The Commission accepted and approved this recommendation on November 20, 2020.

Recognizing that affordable housing developers often face limited access to financial resources to undertake building upgrades, work to create an EEEC program in the District began in October 2017 when the DCPSC set aside $11.25 million to fund such programs as part of
Formal Case 1119, the Exelon-Pepco Holdings merger case.
Following the passage of the Clean Energy Act, the DCPSC held a technical conference in March 2018 to consider a EEEC Deep Retrofit Program to provide whole-building energy savings to significantly reduce energy consumption in affordable multifamily buildings. An EEEC Working Group discussed how this program should be developed, taking into consideration related consumer education and outreach activities.
The EEEC Working Group recommended in June 2019 that the DCPSC hire a program implementer to finalize the Retrofit Program and serve as a single point of contact for all energy efficiency grant applicants. The DCPSC also created an EEEC Task Force in October 2019 to issue an RFP, review responses, recommend an implementer for the Deep Retrofit Program and facilitate stakeholder involvement in the Retrofit Program.

EEEC Task Force

Dennis Jamouneau, Assistant General Counsel at PHI
Merancia Noelsaint, Attorney Adviser
Apartment and Office Building Association
Excetral K. Caldwell, Senior Counsel
District Department of Energy & Environment
Kenley P. Farmer, Associate Director
Office of the People’s Counsel for the District of Columbia
Adrienne Mouton-Henderson, Assistant People's Counsel
National Consumer Law Center
Olivia Wein, Esq., Staff Attorney
National Housing Trust
Todd Nedwick, Housing, and Energy Efficiency Policy Director

December 17, 2020 November 4, 2020