Summer Ready DC checklists

Summer Ready DC

A few simple steps will ensure your home is in good shape and that it’s ready for summer weather. Use the checklists below to begin the process.

Printable PDF copies of the home (English | Spanish) and storm (English | Spanish) checklists are also available
Summer Ready DC home checklist
❒Check to make sure there is no pooling water around your foundation
❒ Have roof inspection for missing or loose shingles
❒ Inspect the clean gutters and downspouts
❒ Ensure home is property sealed by caulking around doors and windows, if necessary
❒ Switch storm windows to screens
❒ Turn on water supply to outside faucets
❒ Touch up paint
❒ Trim trees and shrubbery
❒ Repair and stain deck
❒ Spray around foundation, windows, and doors with preventative insecticide

❒ Have air conditioner serviced
❒ Find and eliminate any leaks or gaps using caulking and/or weather stripping around windows and doors
❒ Spray around baseboards, doors, and windows with preventative insecticide
❒ Clean or replace air filters, monthly
❒ Clear obstacles to AC vents so air can freely flow
❒ Change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
❒ Charge the battery backup for landline telephones
❒ Clean dryer filter regularly
❒ If you have a basement, check for cracks and leaks
❒ Make sure you know where the shut-off switch is for water, gas and electric

Tips to help reduce energy costs
  • Use a programmable thermostat to raise temperatures at night or when you leave home
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • If you have ceiling fan, change its direction
  • In older homes, insulate the attic
  • Consider budget billing to spread heating costs out throughout the year
Summer Ready DC storm checklist
Remember to have at least three days of supplies on hand for each member of your household.
❒ Flashlight with extra batteries
❒ Battery operated lanterns
❒ Battery powered clock
❒ Sandbags
❒ Cell phone, portable charger, and extra batteries
❒ Battery powered radio and extra batteries
❒ Scissors
❒ Duct tape
❒ Plastic garbage bags
❒ Rain gear
❒ Fire extinguisher
❒ Extra blankets
❒ Clean clothes
❒ Heavy gloves
❒ Medications
❒ First-aid kit
❒ Extra water
❒ Non-perishable food and a manual can opener
❒ Cash
❒ Family comfort items: activity/coloring books, crayons, board games
❒ Family communication plan