DCPSC approves Multiyear Rate Plan


Current Status
The DCPSC approved a Modified Enhanced Multiyear Rate Plan (Modified EMRP) from Pepco  that will gradually increase rates for electrical distribution service in the District of Columbia (Formal Case No. 1156). The Modified EMRP is executed as a pilot MRP program through the end of CY 2022, equating to an 18-month initial MRP term.
The Modified EMRP includes, among other things:
  1.  A cumulative revenue requirement of $108.6 million representing a 33% reduction in revenue requirements from Pepco’s original $162.0 million MRP proposal; 
  2.  An authorized ROE of 9.275%, and overall ROR of 7.17% to recognize the reduction in financial risk and regulatory lag;
  3. A total package of $11.4 million of Pepco shareholder-funded customer benefits including $7.8 million for residential and streetlight bill offsets, and $3.6 million of CBRCs for residential customers;
  4. An initiation of a $5 million small commercial customer energy efficiency program, encompassing rebates and loans;
  5. A set of tracking PIMs focused on the District’s Climate and Clean Energy goals; and
 A stay-out provision that prohibits Pepco from filing a new MRP application until at least January 2, 2023, with rates to be effective no earlier than January 1, 2024. 
DCPSC Open Meeting - June 4, 2021

Pepco is requesting to increase the existing electric distribution rates in the District of Columbia by $147 million through a multiyear rate plan (MRP) for the years 2020 through 2022. The utility company’s original proposal from May 30, 2019, would have increased rates by approximately $8.21 in 2020, $3.84 in 2021 and $3.41 in 2022 for a “typical” customer who uses 692 kWh per month through the standard offer service (SOS).

Per DC Code, the DCPSC can only approve Pepco’s MRP as an alternative form of regulation if the Commission finds that the MRP “protects consumers; ensures the quality, availability, and reliability of Pepco’s electric services; and is in the interest of the public, including shareholders of the electric company.”
The DCPSC held a Virtual Community Hearing in this matter on September 29, 2020.
FC1156 Virtual Community Hearing
The DCPSC also held a two-part Virtual Evidentiary Hearing on October 26-27, 2020.
FC1156 Virtual Evidentiary Hearing – Part 1

 FC1156 Virtual Evidentiary Hearing – Part 2
 For more information, subscribe to the Pepco Rate Application or contact the Office of the Commission Secretary via email or call (202) 626-5150.
Procedural Schedule
Action Date
Pre-Hearing Conference  July 15, 2020
OPC/Intervenors Parties file Supplemental Testimony on Pepco’s June 1, 2020, Surrebuttal Testimony July 27, 2020
Limited Discovery on OPC/Intervenor Parties’ Supplemental Testimony July 27-31, 2020
Status Conference July 31, 2020
Joint Prehearing Statement and Joint Witness Cross Examination Matrix August 14, 2020
Prehearing Status Conference August 21, 2020
Report on Settlement & Stipulation Conference  August 5, 2020
Order and Report on Status Conference August 26, 2020
Limited Discovery on Pepco July 28th Supplemental Testimony and Exhibits only  September 24, 2020
Virtual Commumity Hearing September 29, 2020
Discovery Ends October 1, 2020
OPC/ Intervenors Parties file Supplemental Testimony on Pepco’s July 28th Errata & Supplemental testimony October 9, 2020
Pepco’s Responsive Testimony  October 14, 2020
Prehearing Statement on Material Issues in Dispute and Joint Witness Cross Examination Matrix ‚Äč
October 16, 2020
Order on Material Issue  October 21, 2020
Virtual Evidentiary Hearing October 26-27, 2020
OPC to put its Reconsideration Motion into writing and file  with Commission October 29, 2020
Submission of Two Outstanding Responses to Bench Request October 30, 2020
Responses by PEPCO to the Motion November 2, 2020
 Motions to correct the transcript and final corrected list of cross examination exhibits  November 10, 2020
Initial Briefs December 9, 2020
Reply Briefs December 23, 2020
The Record Will Close December 23, 2020