Pepco “Climate Ready Pathway” Multiyear Rate Plan (CY 2024-2026) – FC 1176

Current Status

The DCPSC held three community hearings across the District (in Wards 8, 5, and 2) in March/April 2024 to gather input from residents and other stakeholders in this pending rate case.

Watch a full recording of the April 3, 2024, hearing held in the DCPSC Hearing Room:


Pepco filed an application on April 13, 2023, for approval to increase rates through the implementation of a new Multiyear Rate Plan (MRP), also referred to as the “Climate Ready Pathway,” for its electric distribution service in the District of Columbia for the years 2024 through 2026. The Commission published a Public Notice of the Pepco application in the D.C. Register on May 5, 2023.

If fully approved by the DCPSC, a residential customer on the Standard Offer Service (SOS) rate using an average of 614 kWh per month would see a total monthly bill increase on average for each year of the MRP as follows:

Year Monthly increase Total bill increase Average total bill
2024 $6.05     6.23% $103.11
2025 $6.00 5.84% $108.72
2026 $5.96 5.50% $114.26

Pepco is requesting a cumulative rate increase of $186.5 million in base distribution revenue based on a return on equity of 10.50% for the investments it intends to make from 2024 to 2026.

Procedural schedule

The DCPSC will follow the schedule below for FC 1176. The Commission may modify, update, or otherwise edit this schedule through additional orders throughout the rate case.

Item Date
Deadline for Data Requests on Pepco’s October 16, 2023, Supplemental Testimony, and Pepco’s October 19, 2023, Voluntary filing December 13, 2023
Pepco Responses to December 22, 2023, Data Requests December 29, 2023
Direct testimony and exhibits of the Office of People’s Counsel (OPC) and intervenors January 12, 2024
Deadline for Data Requests Regarding OPC and Intervenors’ Testimony January 26, 2024
All Responses to Data Requests Regarding OPC and Intervenors’ Testimony February 12, 2024
Rebuttal Testimony and Exhibits by All Parties February 27, 2024
Deadline on Data Requests on Rebuttal Testimony March 11, 2024
Community Hearings March 27, 2024
April 2, 2024
April 3, 2024
All Responses to Data Requests Rebuttal Testimony April 8, 2024
Surrebuttal Testimony April 22, 2024
Settlement and Stipulation Conference April 29, 2024
Parties Report on Settlement and Stipulation Conference May 2, 2024
Hearing (if necessary) TBD