WGL seeks to raise rates and charges for gas service in D.C.

Following an application from WGL Holdings, Inc. in January 2020 to increase its rates and charges for gas service in the District, the Commission has taken the next step in the process and approved a new order (Formal Case No. 1162) to create a procedural schedule, shown below.
The new rates WGL has requested are designed to collect approximately $200.4 million in total annual revenues — an increase in WGL’s weather-normalized annual revenues of no more than $35.2 million and about a 14.7% increase in revenue collection over and above what’s collected through current bills. 

Included in the revenue increase is $9.1 million earmarked for natural gas system upgrades previously approved by the Commission which are currently funded by customers through monthly PROJECTpipes 1 Plan surcharges. WGL has also proposed a Revenue Normalization Adjustment (RNA) in the proposed rate structure. 
The DCPSC held a Virtual Community Hearing to discuss this application on Tuesday, October 20, 2020.
FC1162 Virtual Community Hearing

The DCPSC also held a Virtual Public Interest Hearing on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 to discuss the proposed Settlement Agreement in this case. Interested individuals may electronically file written comments no later than the close of business, February 8, 2021, when the record closes.
FC1162 Virtual Public Interest Hearing

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Procedural Schedule
Action Date
WGL Application Filed January 13, 2020
Pre-Hearing Conference N/A
Order and Report of Pre-Hearing Conference Issued N/A
WGL Supplemental Testimony Filed May 15, 2020
Deadline for Data Requests on Direct and Supplemental Direct Testimony May 29, 2020
OPC/Intervenors Direct Testimony Filed July 21, 2020
Settlement and Stipulation Conference July 30, 2020
Report on Settlement and Stipulation Conference August 5, 2020
Rebuttal Testimony Filed August 28, 2020
Second Settlement and Stipulation Conference September 3, 2020
Parties Report on Second Settlement and Stipulation Conference September 9, 2020
Join List of Material Issues for Hearings Filed and Discovery End Date September 29, 2020
Discovery End Date October 1, 2020
Joint List of Material Issues of Fact for Hearings Filed October 19, 2020
Community Hearing October 20, 2020
Order on Material Issues  November 4, 2020
Evidentiary Hearing  (Cancelled) November 18-20, 2020
Motions to Correct the Transcript and Corrected Final List of Cross-Examination Exhibits  December 4, 2020
Post Hearing Briefs  December 11, 2020
Post Hearing Reply Briefs  January 7, 2021
Virtual Public Interest Hearing January 27, 2021
Deadline for Written Comments February 8, 2021