2023 District of Columbia Clean Energy Summit

The 2023 District of Columbia Clean Energy Summit: Path to Decarbonization, held on January 18, 2023, detailed what it will take for the District to meet its aggressive climate policy goals, set new standards, and ensure that the District’s clean energy transition is equitable, affordable, and creates climate resiliency.
Watch a full recording of the summit below.
Keynote and Panels
The summit consisted of an opening keynote and three panels featuring federal, state, local, and industry leaders who shared their expertise on how the District can chart a path to a clean energy future.

Opening keynote
Acting Chairman Willie Phillips, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
(introduced by Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie, Council of D.C.)

Panel 1: The Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
Over the past few years, Congress and the Biden/Harris Administration have passed federal legislation and policies that support clean energy efforts. In furthering the conversation to support the District’s aggressive clean energy goals, federal experts discussed how the Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act address the urgency around clean air and climate action. The panel explored the Act’s impact on cutting greenhouse gas emissions and the discussion also focused on available tax credits and rebate programs, and the regulator’s role in supporting clean energy programs.  Panelists also discussed the impact of the Act on consumers.
  • Moderator: Chairman Emile C. Thompson, DCPSC
  • Richard Ezike, United States Department of Energy
  • Taresa Lawrence, United States Department of Energy

Panel 2: Workforce and Supply Chain Development
The DCPSC aims to be a part of the solution to developing and supporting a diverse workforce and supply chain that pushes forward the District’s clean energy goals while maintaining a safe, reliable, affordable, and resilient infrastructure. This discussion explored investment and economic opportunities in all communities. Panelists discussed how to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into clean energy technology research, development, and deployment; current District workforce pipelines for in-demand jobs and energy jobs programs; and how to build equitable clean energy manufacturing and supply chains.
  • Moderator: Commissioner Jehmal Hudson, Virginia State Corporation Commission
  • Constance Thompson, American Council of Renewable Energy
  • Tobias Whitney, Fortress Information Security
  • Arlen Herrell, DC Department of Employment Services

Panel 3: Affordability
Transitioning to cleaner energy raises several questions, including: What are the costs of this transition? How will those costs be allocated? Who will bear the burden? Who will reap the benefits? The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have had a significant impact on both utilities and consumers. This panel explored how to close the affordability gap by examining arrearages and how to mitigate upward pressure on customer rates. Discussions included an analysis of the energy burden based on household income, the effects of local and federal legislation on energy expenditures, and how rate changes are affecting District residents.
  • Moderator: Odogwu Obi Linton, Maryland Public Service Commission
  • Damali Harding, Regulatory Assistance Project
  • Tony Reames, United States Department of Energy
  • Willa Hightower, Pepco
  • Ernest Jolly, DC Sustainable Energy Utility

  • Tony Reames (United States Department of Energy) speaks during panel 3 while Damali Harding (Regulatory Assistance Project) looks on
  • Acting Chairman Willie Phillips (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) delivers an opening keynote address
  • Taresa Lawrence (United States Department of Energy) speaks during panel 1 while Richard Ezike (United States Department of Energy) listens
  • Members of panel 3 (from left to right): Ernest Jolly (D.C. Sustainable Energy Utility), Willa Hightower (Pepco), Tony Reames (United States Department of Energy), Damali Harding (Regulatory Assistance Project), and Commissioner Odogwu Obi Linton (Maryland Public Service Commission)
  • Acting Chairman Willie Phillips (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) and Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie (Council of D.C.)
  • Members of panel 2 (from left to right): Tobias Whitney (Fortress Information Security), Arlen Herrell (D.C. Department of Employment Services), Constance Thompson (American Council of Renewable Energy), and Commissioner Jehmal Hudson (Virginia State Corporation Commission)
  • Arlen Herrell (D.C. Department of Employment Services) speaks about the D.C. Infrastructure Academy
  • From left to right: Commissioner Ted Trabue (DCPSC), Chairman Emile C. Thompson (DCPSC), Richard A. Beverly (DCPSC)