Natural Gas Pipeline Safety

The Commission’s Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Program and Damage Prevention Program assure compliance with federal and District of Columbia regulations and codes by:
  • Assigning a PHMSA-trained and certified Pipeline Safety Program Manager to lead, direct and champion the programs
  • Deploying three PHMSA-trained and certified pipeline safety engineers/inspectors to conduct daily inspections of pipeline construction and maintenance sites, operational records, and pipeline facilities
  • Deploying one Damage Prevention Inspector to conduct daily excavation damage prevention inspections
  • Conducting accident investigations
  • Implementing enforcement actions
  • Assessing risks and developing regulations and standards to facilitate natural gas pipeline safety and excavation damage prevention
  • Monitoring the training and verifying the operator qualifications of the gas utility personnel
  • Promoting natural gas pipeline safety and excavation damage prevention through public education and communication programs (in collaboration with the Office of Consumer Services).
Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Documents - District of Columbia Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Regulations are found in: