The District of Columbia has a new overlay area code: 771


The District of Columbia has used the 202 area code since 1947 and it has become synonymous with city pride, but projections show the District will run out of new phone numbers during the third quarter of 2022. To solve this problem, the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) has assigned a new area code to the Washington region: 771
The NANPA plan will overlay the new 771 area code over the entire geographic area of the 202 area code. All existing customers with a 202 area code would retain that area code and would not have to change telephone numbers.  However, once the new area code is active, customers making wireline or wireless phone calls within the District will be required to dial 10 digits (the 202 or 771 area code plus the local telephone number) instead of just the current seven-digit local telephone number.
The DCPSC has approved a 13-month implementation schedule proposed in the NANPA petition (Formal Case No. 1165) for the 771 area code:
Stage 1
Network preparation (six months)
Stage 2
Six-month customer education period in which customers can use seven- and/or 10-digit dialing within the 202 area code
Stage 3
The one-month period following stage 2 when 10-digit dialing becomes mandatory in the 202 area code
The Commission has also established an Area Code Implementation Working Group to develop a consumer education program to help consumers transition to using a new area code in the District. Those wishing to join the working group can email their request, along with an explanation for their interest in joining, to the Commission Secretary by Oct. 16, 2020.
The Commission previously hosted a virtual community hearing to solicit public comment on the NANPA area code relief plan.