PowerPath DC Governance Board

The Guiding Principles of the PowerPath DC Vision Statement call for the District's modern energy delivery system to be sustainable, well-planned, encourage distributed energy resources, and preserve the financial health of the energy distribution utilities in a manner that results in an energy delivery system that is safe and reliable, secure, affordable, interactive and nondiscriminatory. In support of that goal, as a result of the PHI-Exelon Merger approved by the Commission in Order No. 18148 on March 23, 2016, a $21.55 million MEDSIS Pilot Project Fund Subaccount was created and the funds therein were directed to be used to support pilot projects related to energy delivery system modernization under consideration in Formal Case No. 1130.
To distribute these funds, Order 19984 called for the formation of a Governance Board responsible for reviewing, selecting and overseeing innovative pilot projects in accordance with the principles of the Power Path DC Vision.

Energy modernization concept papers
In October 2020 the PowerPath DC Pilot Projects Governance Board sponsored a call for concept papers proposing energy system modernization pilot projects in support of the PowerPath DC Vision Statement and Guiding Principles.