PROJECTpipes is a 40-year accelerated pipeline replacement program from Washington Gas (WGL) to modernize the 1,200-mile natural gas distribution system in the District and enhance overall system resiliency, reliability, and safety for nearly 165,000 gas customers. This accelerated replacement program also helps the District meet its climate goals by reducing potential leaks and methane gas emissions on the distribution system.

Since inception, WGL has remediated 28.6 miles of main and 5,188 services through PROJECTpipes phases 1 and 2 as of December 31, 2021.

Project Timeline
PROJECTpipes 1 (PP1)
The DCPSC approved the first phase of PROJECTpipes from June 1, 2014, to September 30, 2019, for a total amount of $110 million, along with a substantial package of annual compliance reporting requirements, in August 2014. PP1 was as extended for 15 months, through December 2020, with a budget not to exceed a total amount of $141.25 million.

PROJECTpipes 2 (PP2)
PP2 began during the extension period of PP1. The DCPSC approved a 3-year PP2 plan from January 1, 2021, to December 31, 2023, for a total amount of $150 million in December 2020. The DCPSC also required additional compliance reporting and an audit of WGL’s implementation of PROJECTpipes.

PROJECTpipes 3 (PP3)
The DCPSC anticipates WGL will file an application for approval of the third phase of the PROJECTpipes initiative in January 2023.
To facilitate this substantial investment natural gas infrastructure, the DCPSC continues to allow WGL to recover associated costs through a DCPSC-approved billing surcharge that appears as a line item on customer bills. During subsequent base rate cases, these surcharges are transferred into regular distribution rates, provided WGL has undertaken such investments in a prudent and useful manner.

Additional resources
Use WGL’s online activity map for PROJECTpipes work schedule info by ward and address. This map also provides info about working hours, estimated construction start/end dates and project status.
For more information, subscribe to the PROJECTpipes proceedings or contact the Office of the Commission Secretary via email or call (202) 626-5150.