Local Telephone Service Providers

As of January 2014 

  • Local Exchange Service
    • Access Point, Inc.*
    • ACN Communication Services, Inc.*
    • Broadview Networks, Inc.*
    • Cavalier Telephone Mid-Atlantic, L.L.C.*
    • Matrix Telecom, Inc. d/b/a Matrix Business Technologies d/b/a/ Trinsic*
    • Metropolitan Telecommunications of DC, Inc. (MetTel)*
    • Starpower Communications, LLC - d/b/a RCN*
    • Verizon Washington, DC Inc.*
  • Wireless or Cellular (Bundles local and long distance) (Not tariffed at the DCPSC)
  • Pay Telephones
  • Phone cards
  • Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) Telephony (Not tariffed at DCPSC)
    • AT&T, Verizon, Vonage
  • Voice Over Cable (Not tariffed at DCPSC)
    • Comcast