Weatherize your home for winter

Winter Ready DC
Learn how to properly install a few popular, easily acquired home weatherization items including window insulation shrink, weatherstripping, and pipe padding. Also, see our tips to save energy and money over the winter.

Follow these steps to weatherize your home:  
  1. Install window insulation shrink kits. This insulation film provides a 12.2% energy savings.
  2. Apply caulk around draft windows. Caulking helps weatherize old windows with cracks.
  3. Check, clean or replace HVAC filters. Dirty filters make your system work harder and waste energy.
  4. Add weatherstripping to your windows and doors. Weatherstripping can provide a 5-10% energy savings.
  5. Install foam switch and outlet gaskets. Minimizing air leaks can reduce your heating and cooling by as much as 20%.