Low-Income Discount Programs & Seniors and Disabled Residents Credit

The Commission requires Verizon Washington, DC, Pepco, and Washington Gas to offer discount programs to residential customers. A brief description of each program is provided below.

Senior Citizens and Disabled Resident Credit

The Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia has approved a pilot program to assist seniors and disabled residents with their monthly payments. Seniors and individuals with disabilities may be eligible to receive a $7.50 credit each month on their Pepco bill.  To be eligible for the credit, applicants must be receiving either the D.C. Homestead Deduction or the Senior Citizen/Disabled Property Tax Reduction, and do not receive the Pepco Residential Aid Discount (RAD). Enrollment is automatic and the credit will appear on their Pepco bill beginning January 1, 2020 and will continue each month.   If you are eligible for the credit and it doesn't appear on your bill, contact Pepco’s Energy Assistance Team.  For more information, please contact the DCPSC’s Office of Consumer Services at 202-626-5120 or Pepco’s Energy Assistance Team at 202-496-5830.



Economy II, also known as Lifeline, is the government discount program offered by Verizon in the District. This program offers discounted wire-line local telephone service to qualified D.C. customers under 65 years of age for $3.00 a month. Seniors 65 years of age or older pay $1.00 per month. D.C. residents participating in Lifeline have unlimited calling in the Washington metropolitan area. Lifeline service is a non-transferable benefit and only one Lifeline service discount. Only eligible consumers may enroll in the Lifeline program and consumers who willfully make false statements in order to obtain the benefit can be punished by fine or imprisonment or can be barred from the program.




RESIDENTIAL AID DISCOUNT (RAD) is the discount program offered by Pepco. The program offers eligible Pepco, D.C. residential customers a monthly credit – the Residential Aid Credit (RAC). The RAC replaces the previous discount that was applied to RAD customers' generation and transmission charges on their account. The RAC covers the following charges: the full customer charge and energy charge for distribution; and exemption from the following surcharges: the Residential Aid Discount Surcharge, the Sustainable Energy Trust Fund, and the Energy Assistance Trust Fund. Credits for these charges are individually listed on the customers' bills as “RAC – Distribution” and “RAC Surcharges.” Customers will receive the RAC whether or not they have a retail supplier. The full RAC is equal to approximately 30% of a typical RAD customer's bill.


Natural Gas

Natural Gas

RESIDENTIAL ESSENTIAL SERVICE (RES) is the discount program offered by Washington Gas. This program offers a discount on the distribution portion of the customer’s bill through the winter months from November through April. The recently-simplified RES eliminates the previous three different income tiers whereby RES customers were classified, and eliminates the cap on the discount. The new discount is achieved through a percentage reduction of the distribution portion of a customer’s bill, resulting in an approximately 25% reduction in the total bill. The RES additionally provides for an automatic short-term increase in the reduction to the distribution portion of the bill when purchased gas prices rise above a specified historic percentage. RES customer’s bills will also indicate the costs of surcharges that RES customers are exempt from paying. Specifically: The RES surcharge; The Sustainable Energy Trust Fund surcharge, and The Energy Assistance Trust Fund surcharge. Customers can enroll in the RES program year-round; the enrollment year begins on October 1.

Income Eligibility Requirements
(As of May 27, 2021)

Household Size Maximum Annual Income
1 $57,650
2 $65,850
3 $74,100
4 $82,300
5 $88,900
6 $95,500
7 $102,100
8 $108,650

How to Apply

Proof of income must be provided with the application.  To show proof of income, a copy of one of the documents listed below must be provided with the application:

  • W-2 form
  • Paycheck stub
  • Award letter
  • Unemployment compensation letter
  • Other formal verification

Applications can be made either 1) online at doee.dc.gov/udp ; 2) Call 311 to make an appointment, or 3) Visit one of the following locations Monday– Friday 9AM – 4PM: Wards 1-6, 1207 Taylor Street NW; Wards 6-8, 2100 Martin Luther King Jr., Ave SE. For more information, call DOEE at 311 or the Commission’s Office of Consumer Services at 202-626-5120.


Lifeline income eligibility requirements are different from those stated above.  You must receive either Medicaid; Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (“SNAP”); Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”); Federal Public Housing Assistance; Veterans of Survivors Pension Benefit, or have income less than 135% of the federal poverty level.

For more information and how to apply, call  1-800 234-9473, or the Commission’s Office of Consumer Services at 202-626-5120.