Call for concept papers proposing energy system modernization projects

Download complete Call for Concepts

The PowerPath DC Pilot Projects Governance Board is sponsoring a call for concept papers proposing energy system modernization pilot projects in support of the PowerPath DC Vision Statement and Guiding Principles.

The Governance Board welcomes papers on any potential pilot project that will further the District’s clean energy and modernization goals. Innovative suggestions from all interested stakeholders are encouraged.
Some examples of potential pilot projects are:
  • DER Aggregation (i.e., microgrids, virtual power plants)
  • Implementation of advanced communication and control technologies (i.e., grid interactive buildings, advanced inverters, microgrid controllers)
  • Proof of concept for provision of ancillary Services at the distribution system level
  • Renewable District Heating Systems
Pilot projects of interest should also support the goals identified by stakeholders throughout the PowerPath DC (formerly MEDSIS) working group process:
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increase renewable generation
  • Expand DER hosting capacity
  • Increase enrollment of low- and moderate-income customers
  • Aggregate energy demand reduction / load shift
  • Demonstrate market viability
  • Overcome barriers to adoption
Authors of concept papers may be invited to present their work at an upcoming Governance Board meeting. Concepts deemed to be feasible and in furtherance of the PowerPath DC Vision Statement may be used to inform Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for fully funded pilot projects or studies. The papers selected to inform RFPs will also be published in the DCPSC eDocket system. Persons or entities interested in pursuing formal proposals for funding and/or concept ideas are encouraged to submit response papers.

Download complete Call for Concepts
Submission details
Authors should submit a completed concept paper with a 200-word abstract, along with authors’ contact information, by Oct. 28, 2020, via email to the Governance Board. Please use a subject of "Pilot Project Governance Board – Concept Papers Submission.”
Submissions are encouraged to be no longer than five pages and should include the following, at a minimum:
  • Timeframe
  • District energy / modernization goals
  • Approximate cost
  • Implementing parties
  • Targeted participants (i.e., all District residents, customer class, location)
  • Regulatory obstacles to implementation
  • Anticipated learnings from pilot project implementation
Authors are encouraged to include spreadsheet models and/or PowerPoint presentations incorporating the details of the paper's recommendations or calculations. These additional materials will be excluded from the overall page count.
While authors should submit papers with enough detail to serve as a recommendation for a formal pilot project, submission of a concept paper does not guarantee that the paper will be published or that a project will be funded on this topic.
Email any questions to Alexandra Fisher, chairperson of the Governance Board.
Thank you for your interest and participation in our effort to produce new and innovative pilot projects that will contribute to the knowledge base and success of the PowerPath DC Pilot Project initiative.