Annual Utility Assessment Survey

Renewable Portfolio Standard

Welcome to the DCPSC e-Assessment Portal. All public utilities, competitive electric suppliers, competitive natural gas suppliers and CLECs can use this site to electronically file their mandatory annual survey responses.
Note: All annual assessment surveys must be completed and submitted by April 1, 2022.

About the Survey
We’ve streamlined the assessment process and portal with useful features that require companies to:
  • Electronically receive their annual survey invitation link
  • Submit their mandatory annual survey response electronically
  • View their Notices of Proposed Assessment and Orders
Notices of Proposed Assessment and Assessment Orders are also available through the e-Assessment Portal. Paper filings of the annual survey will no longer be accepted. Each user should currently have a username and password to access e-Docket.
If you experience any technical issues with your e-Docket account,
email the Office of the Commission Secretary or call (202) 626-5150. For technical issues with the e-Assessment Portal, email DCPSC staff.