Upcoming Procurement Opportunities

Office Formal Case Number Description of Services Potential Budget Potential RFP Date
OED FC1017 Consultant to review Pepco Standard Offer Services  $200,000 June 2021
OCE FC1157 Inspection of WGL regulator equipment survey and replacement program (pursuant to NTSB recommendations) — 2-year duration $180,000 Sept/Oct 2021
OFA FC1167 Consultant to review and evaluate Utility Climate Business Plans and related studies $400,000 Nov/Dec 2021
OFA TBD Potential WGL Rate Case
We may issue separate engagements for engineering issues, cost of capital and revenue requirements/rate design
$400,000 Any time after Sept. 1, 2021
OFA FC1142 Limited consultant review of AltaGas RNG feasibility study $100,000 Late Q4 2021
OISP FC1144 Capital Grid Project
Compliance review and monitoring
$100,000 July 2021
OISP TBD Engineering consultant for DC PLUG #3 100,000 Sept/Oct 2021
OISP FC1163 Microgrids study for D.C. $150,000 July/Aug 2021
OISP FC1166 Energy storage study for D.C. $150,000 July/Aug 2021
OGC TBD Legal Consulting $150,000 Oct 2021
OED N/A Legal Consulting (Employment Law) $100,000 Oct 2021
ODED N/A Development of Standard Operating Procedures for each office $150,000 August 2021