Interviews of Selected Attendees

Attendees Title / Year
Angel Cartagena Part 1  |  Part 2 Former PSC Chairman , 2000-2003
Anthony Rachal Former PSC Commissioner, 2002-2006
Betty Ann Kane Part 1  |  Part 2 Current PSC Chairman
Beverly Perry Executive Vice President, Pepco
Brian Lederer Part 1  |  Part 2 Former People's Counsel
Daniel Flores Former PSC Chief of Staff, 2000-2003
Dorothy Wideman-Davis Former Commission Secretary
Frann Francis Vice President & General Counsel, Apartment and Office Building Association
James C Bell Longest Serving PSC Employee
Joanne Doddy Fort Current PSC Commissioner
John Derrick Former President, Pepco
Joseph Rigby Current Pepco Holding Inc. (PHI) CEO, Chairman, & President
Ken Hughes Current PSC Staff Attorney
Kenyon McDuffie Chairman of DC Council Oversight Committee of the PSC
Marlene Johnson Former PSC Chairman, 1995-1999
Mayor Vincent C. Gray Current DC Mayor
Patricia Worthy Former PSC Commissioner and Chairman, 1980-1991
Rick Morgan Former PSC Commissioner, 2003-2011
Rick Powell Co-Founder of the Consumer Utility Board (CUB)
Roberta Sims Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for WGL
Sandra Mattavous-Frye Current People's Counsel
Sharon Pratt Former DC Mayor