DCPSC Offices

The DCPSC has nine offices to help accomplish the organizational mission.

1. The Offices of the Chairman and Commissioners

The Offices of the Chairman and Commissioners consist of the Commissioners and their administrative and policy advisors. Through their Offices, the Commissioners review and make decisions on matters before the Commission and on issues of public policy pertaining to utility regulation and the mission of the Commission. The Commissioners provide testimony before the D.C. Council and represent the Commission on a local, regional and national level on various boards, committees, and task forces. These include, among others, participation in the D.C. Sustainable Energy Utility (DC SEU) Advisory Board, the Eastern Interconnection States’ Planning Council (EISPC), the Organization of PJM States (OPSI), the Mid-Atlantic Conference of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (MACRUC), the Multi-State Task Force on Cybersecurity, and various committees of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC).

2. The Office of the General Counsel (OGC)

OGC advises the Commissioners on all matters and proceedings related to the DCPSC’s statutory authority. OGC is responsible for all legal issues involving the day-to-day operations of the DCPSC, as well as a broad spectrum of issues that relate to the Commissioners’ regulatory responsibilities including appellate representation before the D.C. Superior Court and the D.C. Court of Appeals. The staff attorneys prepare orders and legal advisory memoranda, and assist the Commissioners in conducting all proceedings. Staff counsel also serve as hearing officers in formal consumer and pay telephone complaint hearings. OGC monitors proceedings at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and submit filings with the Federal agencies as appropriate. OGC also reviews legislation of the D.C. Council and prepares comments and or amendments on draft legislation that may impact the DCPSC and its jurisdictional authority.

OGC (L to R): First Row—Law Clerk Tiffany Ganthier, Paralegal Specialist Irvin Brooms, Attorney Advisor Richard Herskovitz, Regulatory Affairs Specialist Tiffany Frazier, General Counsel Christopher Lipscombe, Attorney Advisor Kim Lincoln-Stewart, Attorney Advisor Kenneth Glick, Attorney Advisor Milena Yordanova, and Attorney Advisor Lara Walt; Second Row—Attorney Advisor Naza Shelley, Attorney Advisor Ken Hughes, Attorney Advisor Craig Berry, and Attorney Advisor Noel Antonio. Not pictured— Attorney Advisor Sanford Speight, Intern Merancia Noelsaint.

3. The Office of the Executive Director (OED)

OED is comprised of the Executive Director (ED) and two Special Assistants. The ED plans, directs, coordinates, and manages the internal affairs of the DCPSC on a day-to-day basis under the broad direction of the Chairman. The ED oversees the technical and administrative offices of the DCPSC and serves as the performance officer for the DCPSC. The ED is also responsible for all strategic planning initiatives and the management of the program side of the agency’s budget and financial responsibilities.

OED (L to R): Special Assistant Aminta Daves, Executive Director Veronica Ahern, and Special Assistant Susan Nelson

4. The Office of Technical and Regulatory Analysis (OTRA)

OTRA advises the Commissioners on financial, accounting, economics, engineering, compliance, enforcement, and infrastructure and system planning issues in formal cases and rulemakings. In addition, OTRA staff monitors electric, natural gas, and local telecommunications markets at the retail and wholesale levels. This includes keeping abreast of energy activities at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and PJM Interconnection (the Regional Transmission Organization) and telecommunications activities at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). OTRA also tracks and analyzes energy and telecommunications prices at the local, regional, and federal levels. The Office also conducts compliance reviews, audits, inspections, and annual surveys to gauge the status of local competition in the District; helps manage formal cases and investigations, and enforces compliance of service providers. Furthermore, OTRA performs activities associated with utility assessments and prepares materials for the DCPSC Annual Report.

  • Office of Compliance and Enforcement (OCE) protects consumers by monitoring and enforcing compliance of service providers. The enforcement matters handled by OCE in cooperation with OGC include pipeline safety requirements and electric and gas reliability standards.
  • Office of Economics (OE) advises on complex economic matters involving the public utilities, particularly for utility rate cases. OE monitors electric, natural gas, and local telecommunications markets.
  • Office of Finance and Accounting (OFA) advises the DCPSC on complex financial matters such as utility rate case analysis, regulatory filings, assessments, auditing investigations and studies.
  • Office of Infrastructure and System Planning (OISP) is responsible for providing professional engineering and other technical support on all matters relating to the planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance and replacement of infrastructure and systems utilized by the electric, natural gas and local telephone companies

OTRA (L to R): First Row—Chief Economist Grace Hu, Telecommunications Economist Edward Ongweso, Financial Analyst Timour Skrynnikov, Program Support Specialist Anjanette Parker, Pipeline Safety Engineer Manmohan Singh, Deputy Executive Director of Regulatory Matters Stephen A. Mormann,Compliance Inspector Damon Patterson, General Engineer Gary Pulliam, One Call Inspector James Modozie, Pipeline Safety Engineer Amrik Singh Kaisth, Economist Matthew Mercogliano, Compliance and Enforcement Officer Donald Jackson; Second Row—Senior Accountant Jason Benati, Economist Jonathan Morse, Senior Economist John Howley, Pipeline Safety Engineer Ahmadou Bagayoko, Staff Assistant Khadysha Moore, Chief of Finance and Accounting Felix Otiji, Senior Electricity Economist Roger Fujihara, Auditor Rodney Wilson. Not pictured— Chief of the Office of Compliance and Enforcement Udeozo Ogbue

5. The Office of Human Resources (OHR)

OHR provides human resources services to the DCPSC so that it can attract, develop, retain, and motivate a qualified and diverse workforce. OHR facilitates employee training and development to increase productivity, enhance workforce skills, and improve morale and performance.

OHR (L to R): Management Liaison Specialist Natalie Taylor, Chief Human Resources Officer Benita Anderson and Human Resources Specialist Sophia Pryce

6. The Office of Consumer Services (OCS)

OCS serves as the consumer relations arm of the DCPSC. OCS’s Consumer Specialists are responsible for mediating consumer complaints regarding utility service providers and responding to inquiries. OCS and its Consumer Specialists also implement and manage the DCPSC’s community outreach program to help consumers make informed choices about retail electric and natural gas suppliers and raise awareness about the Utility Discount Program for low-income, District residents. OCS also keeps the Commissioners and staff informed of local and national consumer-related trends, and provides the DCPSC with information on how well local providers serve their customers. OCS is also responsible for issuing press releases, consumer advisories, and fact sheets as well as overseeing the preparation of the DCPSC's Annual Report.

OCS (L to R): First Row-Senior Consumer Specialist Margaret Moskowitz; OCS Director Maurice Smith, Graphic Designer Shola Kalejaiye; Second Row- Media Relations Specialist Kellie Armstead Didigu, Supervisory Consumer Services Specialist Donna Galloway, Senior Consumer Specialist Kenneth Ford; Not pictured— Consumer Specialist Aaron Aylor, Consumer Specialist Hicham Mokhtari, Consumer Education and Outreach Specialist Kristen Randolph

7. Office of Deputy Executive Director for Administrative Matters (ODEDAM)

The Office of the Deputy Executive Director for Administrative Services (ODEDAM) is responsible for overseeing a variety of management and administrative areas, including Information Technology, Contracts and Procurement functions, Facility Management, Vehicle Administration, telephone administration, and other DCPSC administrative programs and projects. The Director of the Office of the Commission Secretary also reports to the Deputy Executive Director for Administrative Matters.

Contracts and Procurements
As an independent agency, the DCPSC has its own procurement and contracting authority and, hence, its own rules and regulations relative to that authority. ODEDAM is responsible for purchasing goods and services for the DCPSC. ODEDAM develops the purchasing /contracting methods that will ensure the best value, competition, and price, while meeting the DCPSC’s requirements.

Other Administrative Areas

  • Coordinates the One Fund charitable giving program in which there was 100% participation;
  • Administers the DCPSC e-Procurement, e-Invoice, e-Travel Systems;
  • Manages the DCPSC budget in cooperation with the Agency Fiscal Officer;
  • Oversees DCPSC Information Technology Improvements.

ODEDAM (L to R): Administrative Support Specialist Darnice Wright, Contract Specialist Karen Hester, Deputy Executive Director for Administrative Matters Dr. Jesse Clay, Jr., Chief Information Technology Officer Paul Martinez, IT Specialist Bruce Cho

8. The Office of the Commission Secretary (OCMS)

The Office of the Commission Secretary (OCMS) is responsible for maintaining the official files of the Commission. The office serves as the custodian of the official files and documents and as the filing and distribution point for the public's access to Commission filings, orders, and other documents. OCMS also manages e-Docket, the Commission’s electronic filing system. In addition, OCMS schedules, staffs and coordinates evidentiary, community, and public interest hearings and open meetings. OCMS provides coverage for the DCPSC’s reception area, support for telephone calls placed to the PSC’s primary telephone numbers and face-to-face service to DCPSC visitors. OCMS staff serves as the primary web administrator; and it determines, develops and updates the Commission’s website content and mobile application, in addition to identifying data and content trends and problems. OCMS staff also serves as the key operator for copier and audio-visual equipment, schedules courier services, manages and delivers all Commission mail and hires transcription service providers. The Director of OCMS reports to the Deputy Executive Director for Administrative Matters.

OCMS (L to R): First Row—Public Information Assistant Hazel Doe, Commission Secretary Brinda Westbrook, Regulatory Docket Specialist Vasheena Butler; Second Row—Regulatory Docket Manager Carmen Davis, Regulatory Docket Specialist Alphonzo Harris, Regulatory Docket Specialist Harvey Jessup, Records Management Specialist Marvin Briggs; Not pictured— Program Analyst Patrice Hunter

9. The Office of the Agency Fiscal Officer (OAFO)

The Office of the Agency Fiscal Officer (OAFO) is responsible for the execution of the DCPSC’s annual operating budget and the tracking of expenditures in conformance with the approved budget. The OAFO staff is employed by the D.C. Chief Financial Officer. They are assigned to the Commission by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO), but are primarily paid out of the DCPSC budget. The DCPSC’s AFO is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the DCPSC’s budgeting and financial operations are managed in compliance with OCFO guidelines. The OAFO manages all fund receipts and disbursements for each revenue type and for the DCPSC’s formal cases. OAFO additionally is responsible for accounting operations for the DCPSC and the financial reporting of all funds to the DCPSC’s Chairman, Executive Director, and the Associate CFO of the Economic Development and Regulation Cluster (ACFO). The AFO also supports the DCPSC Chairman during budget hearings before the D.C. Council’s Committee on Business, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

OAFO (L to R): Agency Fiscal Officer Gurmeet Scoggins, Budget Analyst Vanetta Wells