• D.C. Sustainable Energy Utilities (DC SEU): Chairman Kane serves as a board member for the District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) that helps DC residents and businesses use less energy and save money. Since 2011, the DCSEU has delivered financial incentives, technical assistance, and information to District residents and businesses, helping them to save on their energy costs. The work of the SEU is funded in part through a surcharge that appears on the utility bills of District ratepayers.
  • Mid-Atlantic Distributed Resources Initiative (MADRI): The Commission staff participates in MADRI meetings, along with representatives from the public utility commissions of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), FERC and the PJM Interconnection, to identify and remedy retail barriers to the deployment of distributed generation, demand response and energy efficiency in the Mid-Atlantic region. Discussions have focused primarily on issues related to the deployment of distributed generation, with a focus on the deployment of solar. Chairman Kane serves as Chairman of MADRI.
  • Organization of PJM States, Inc. (OPSI): The Commission participates in OPSI, an inter-governmental organization of utility regulatory agencies from the 14 jurisdictions that are in the service area of PJM Interconnection, Inc., the Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) approved by FERC. PJM operates the high-voltage electric transmission grid and wholesale electricity market for the service area. OPSI's activities include, but are not limited to, coordinating data/issues analyses and policy formulation related to PJM, its operations, its Independent Market Monitor, and related FERC matters. Commissioner Phillips serves on the Board of OPSI.
  • National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC): The Commissioners and the Commission Staff participate in educational and policy forums and committees sponsored by NARUC on a variety of subjects including electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, critical infrastructure, utility market place access, energy resources and the environment, and education and research. The Commission often hosts international delegations visiting Washington as part of NARUC’s international programs. Chairman Kane serves on the NARUC Board of Directors and on the Telecommunications Committee, and Commissioner Phillips serves on the Electricity Committee.
  • National Regulatory Research Institute (NRRI): The National Regulatory Research Institute (NRRI) was founded in 1976 by NARUC. NRRI serves as the research arm to NARUC and its members, the utility regulatory commissions of the fifty states and the District of Columbia in the US. NRRI’s primary mission is to produce and disseminate relevant and applicable research related to the utility sector — natural gas, electricity, water and telecommunications. Chairman Kane is the Treasurer of NRRI.
  • Mid-Atlantic Conference of Regulatory Utilities Commissioners (MACRUC): The Commissioners and Commission staff participate in MACRUC, a regional organization of eleven Mid-Atlantic state public utility commissions organized to address public utility regulatory, legislative and policy public issues through an Annual Education Conference and other educational forums and meetings.
  • Eastern Interconnection States Planning Council (EISPC): The Eastern Interconnection States' Planning Council is an historic endeavor initially funded by an award from DOE pursuant to a provision of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The goal is to create collaboration among the states in the Eastern Interconnection. It is comprised of over 40 public utility commissions, Governors' offices, energy offices, and other key government representatives. The Council has focused on Eastern Interconnection Transmission planning issues and multi-state issues such as environmental compliance and reliability.