Community Hearings

The DCPSC holds community hearings for consumers to provide public input on formal cases. All comments (written and oral) are filed in the case docket to assist and inform the decision-making of cases. In 2016, the DPSC hosted five community well-attend community hearings for the Pepco Exelon Merger (Formal Case No. 1119). The DCPSC also held four community hearings, completed evidentiary proceedings and closed the record in a Washington Gas Light Company rate case.

DCPSC hosts community hearing for Pepco Exelon Merger (Formal Case No. 1119).

DCPSC hosts community hearing for Pepco Exelon Merger (Formal Case No. 1119).

Community Outreach

The DCPSC’s community outreach program helps consumers make informed choices about retail electric and natural gas suppliers and raise awareness about the Utility Discount Program for low-income, District residents. During the year, the Office of Consumer Services offers presentations and information tables through the District.

DCPSC Staff conducting an outreach at the Mayor’s Senior Holiday Luncheon.

DCPSC Staff conducting an outreach at the Washington English Center.

International Delegations

The DCPSC often hosts international delegations visiting Washington as part of NARUC’s international programs. DCPSC staff also travel to various countries conducting presentations on various initiatives before the DCPSC and technical assistance.

DCPSC Staff presenting to the Nigerian Delegation.

DCPSC Staff and Nigerian Delegation.

Community Award

Each year, Hamilton Relay, the Districts’ DC Relay/711 program, accepts nominations for individuals who are deaf or deaf-blind and who have been a positive influence in the District demonstrating commitment to volunteerism, leadership, advocacy and enhancing the lives of those around them. Erik Nordlof was selected as the Hamilton Relay 2016 Better Hearing and Speech Month Recognition Award recipient for the District of Columbia. Erik has dedicated his time to coordinating open captioned screenings at movie theaters in D.C. and Northern Virginia, as well as independent theaters in D.C. and Maryland. As part of his efforts, Erik created the Facebook group “DC Deaf Moviegoers” and email list where over 700 moviegoers who are deaf or hard of hearing can find updated information about open captioned movie screenings in their neighborhood. In order to spread the word on this initiative, Erik works with Gallaudet University’s Public Relations Office to provide weekly notifications with times and locations of open captioned movies. He also invites families from Kendall Elementary School, Maryland School for the Deaf and Arlington Public Schools to open captioned screenings of family movies.

DCPSC Staff and Erik Nordlof (center) recipient of the Hamilton Relay 2016 Better Hearing and Speech Month Recognition Award.