MEDSIS Initiative

On June 12, 2015, by Order No. 17912 issued in Formal Case No. 1130, the Commission opened this proceeding to identify technologies and policies that can be implemented in the District of Columbia to modernize the distribution energy delivery system for increased sustainability (“MEDSIS”). Since its inception, the Commission has been committed to engaging stakeholders and the public at large in the MEDSIS process to help identify key issues as well as leverage stakeholder insight and expertise to help inform the Commission’s decision making.
In Phase 1 of the MEDSIS Initiative, the Commission, in addition to aligning on-going and related cases and initiatives,

  • held numerous technical workshops and town hall meetings;
  • issued a detailed Staff Report outlining the Commission’s jurisdiction, identifying regulatory barriers to grid modernization, and providing a framework for the subsequent MEDSIS Initiative phases, including Pilot Project Funding parameters; and
  • adopted the MEDSIS Vision Statement and Guiding Principles which provides a flexible framework to guide the Commission’s future decision-makings around grid modernization matters.

In Phase 2 of the MEDSIS Initiative, the Commission contracted with Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) as the MEDSIS Working Group facilitator and began the year-long stakeholder working group process by first approving the formation of six working groups:

  1. Data and Information Access and Alignment,
  2. Non-Wires Alternatives to Grid Investments,
  3. Rate Design,
  4. Customer Impact,
  5. Microgrids, and
  6. Pilot Projects.  

The MEDSIS Working Groups collaboratively developed charters, goals, and expected outcomes for each group taking into consideration the MEDSIS Vision Statement and the District Government’s clean energy policy goals.
Phase 2 of the Initiative, the MEDSIS Working Group process, culminated in the submission of the Final WG Report on May 31, 2019, containing 32 recommendations and learnings for Commission consideration.

The Commission released a Staff Proposed Order that addresses the recommendations in detail from the Final Report submitted by the MEDSIS Working Group. The Staff Proposed Order also describes the next phases of grid modernization as Power Path DC.

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MEDSIS Workshops/Meetings

Formal Case No. 1130, e-Docket Filings