2019 Annual Assessment Survey of Competitive Local Exchange Carriers

(Include any name used in providing service)

1. Please provide the following contact information:

Regulatory Contact
Consumer Service/Care Contact

2. Anytime during the calendar year January 2018 through December 2018:

A. Were you providing jurisdictional, retail telecommunications services in the District of Columbia?:

B. What was your gross revenue from retail telecommunications services that were subject to the jurisdiction of the DC PSC?
Note: gross jurisdictional revenue does not include revenue from wireless, broadband, Voice over Internet Protocol ("VoIP"), Interexchange, or Internet Protocol ("IP") -enabled service.)
  (Please indicate dollars and cents above)

3.  Please provide the following information for telecommunications services provided inthe District of Columbia:
Anytime during the calendar year January 2018 through December 2018, please indicate:

Number of Residential Non-Residential Total
Lines Supplied

4.  Are you currently providing the following services in the District of Columbia:


IP-enabled service?:

Telecommunications services over wireless facilities?:



5B. Are you currently providing telecommunications service to subscribers on a resale basis:

5C. Are you currently providing telecommunications services to other CLECs in the District of Columbia?:

Please file your completed suryey and attached affldavit with the Commission Secretary's office no later than April 2, 2019.  Failure to submit the requested documents on time may subject the company to a penalty of $100.00 for each day the filing is late, pursuant to 15 DCMR § 1301.3.
If any of the provided information is confidential and proprietary, please clearly mark it as such.  All confidential and proprietary survey responses should be mailed to the following address to the attention of the Commission Secretary Brinda Westbrook-Sedgwick:
Brinda Westbrook-Sedgwick
Office of the Commission Secretary
Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia
1325 G Street NW
Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20005
The Commission strongly encourages that you submit non-confidential survey responses through the Commission’s electronic docket system, e-Docket.  If you do not have a username and password for e-Docket, you can obtain one by registering through the following link: https://edocket.dcpsc.org/account/register
If you have any questions regarding the use of e-Docket, please call (202) 626-5150.