District One Call DOC - Miss Utility and Federal (USDOT) One Call Damage Prevention Program

Damage Prevention in the District of Columbia

Prohibition on digging without notifying the One Call Center first
Persons digging too close to gas pipelines cause most accidents. Even a hand held shovel can damage underground utilities such as gas lines.  Backhoes and bulldozers can damage any underground facility.
DC Official Code §34-2702 requires utility operators in the District of Columbia to form and operate a One Call Center for the mutual receipt of notification of proposed excavation and demolition operations in the District.  All agencies or instrumentalities of the District of Columbia with an interest in underground facilities are also required to join and participate in the One Call Center. The participating utility operators have an obligation to locate and mark their underground facilities once they receive a notification through the One Call Center of an excavation project that may affect their underground facilities.
DC Official Code §34-2704 prohibits excavation in the District without notifying the One Call Center first. To avoid violations of this requirement and promote safety, call the One Call Center at 1-800-257-7777 or the national Call Before You Dig telephone number – 811. Call at least two (2) working days before you start digging to give utility companies an opportunity to identify and mark the approximate locations of buried gas lines and other utilities in your project area.
Damage Prevention Program for Gas Facilities in the District
The Commission enforces compliance with the US Department of Transportation requirements included in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 49, Parts 190, 191, 192 and 199 on Pipeline Safety Regulations, and Part 198 on One Call Damage Prevention Program.
The Commission takes enforcement actions against the gas utility in the District of Columbia, Washington Gas Light (WGL), for violations of the applicable damage prevention requirements. The Commission's enforcement actions include ordering WGL to develop and implement corrective actions and provide written confirmation of their completion, and assessing civil penalties in accordance with CFR Title 49, Part 190.
The Commission takes enforcement actions for various violations, including failure of the gas operator to meet operator qualification requirements, failure to mark the gas pipelines in a project area, or marking the gas pipeline inaccurately.
Information and Data Submission:
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