The Commission Welcomes Jason Cross, as the new Economist for the Office of the Technical and Regulatory Analysis

Mr. Jason Cross

Mr. Jason Cross joined the Public Service Commission (Commission) of the District of Columbia on February 3, 2020, as an Economist in the Office of Technical and Regulatory Analysis (OTRA).  He has over 19 years’ experience as a regulatory economist, having testified on rate design, cost of capital, cost of service, and policy issues in numerous gas and water rate cases.  Prior to joining the Commission, Mr. Cross worked for the Maryland Public Service Commission as the Assistant Director of the Telecommunications, Gas, and Water Division. Mr. Cross also spent three years as a regulatory analyst with the Iowa Utility Board.

Mr. Cross has an MS in Economics with an emphasis on Environmental Economics from the University of Wyoming.  He still owns and manages a portion of his family’s 110-year old ranch outside of Dubois, Wyoming.  Mr. Cross, his wife, and son enjoying traveling in the US and abroad.