Contracting and Procurement


The Office of the Deputy Executive Director (ODED) is responsible for purchasing goods and services for the DCPSC.  After consulting with Commission staff, ODED develops the purchasing/contracting method that will best serve the Commission, its business partners and District utility ratepayers. The chosen method is used in compliance with legally required procedures to ensure the Commission receives the highest quality product or service, at the best price and with the greatest number of qualified bidders.

Please see our vendor instructions and resources below:

Certified Business Enterprise (CBE) Initiative
The DCPSC also engages with and provides support to small and local businesses, as well as historically underrepresented businesses, interested in contracting opportunities with the Commission through its
Certified Business Enterprise Initiative.
Certified Business Enterprise Webinar Series
Is your company or organization looking to make #BossMoves? At the DCPSC, that would be “Business Opportunities for Suppliers and Services.” I
f so, register to attend our upcoming webinar series from May 19-June 2, 2021, which will highlight:
  • the process for becoming a CBE
  • the bidding process and upcoming procurements (fiscal years 2021 and 2022)
  • the experience vendors have working with the Commission (networking event)‚Äč
Vendor registration and invoicing instructions
New vendor registration
First-time vendors wishing to do business with the D.C Government must complete the following steps:
  • Register with the Ariba Supplier Network. Select “Register Now” under “New to Ariba?”
  • Register in eSourcing (note that prior registration in the Ariba Supplier Network is required)
 Please reach out to Vendor Management at (202) 724-4477, option 2, with any registration questions.
Companies with a business relationship with the Commission must register on the DC Vendor Portal to submit invoices.
Select the “Register” option on the DC Vendor Portal website. Agree to the terms and complete the form, noting some fields are required. Once you submit the registration form, you will receive an email from the DC Vendor Portal team once your registration has been processed.
Once your registration is complete and the Commission has approved your invoice, log in into the DC Vendor Portal and upload your invoice. Please contact the DC Vendor Portal Help Deck at (202) 724-4477, option 3, with any specific questions about using the platform.
DC Vendor Portal FAQs
The DC Vendor Portal also provides a number of “how to” tutorials, tackling everything from registering/access your account, e-invoicing, creating and submitting purchase orders, as well as several FAQs.