Bi-Annual Report on Fuel Mix


Every two years, the Commission submits a Bi-Annual Report on Fuel Mix to the D.C. Council. The fuel mix and emissions information can assist District residential and business customers make more informed choices when selecting their electricity supplier. The report also helps the District community monitor the environmental impacts of the fuel choices that are being made. This is becoming more important as consumers continue to choose alternative electricity suppliers.

The report includes the following information:
  • the fuel mix information for the electricity sold in the District,
  • the amount of electricity sold in the District that comes from renewable sources,  
  • the feasibility of requiring each licensed electricity supplier doing business in the District to provide a minimum percentage of electricity sold from renewable sources, and
  • the emissions in pounds per megawatt-hour for carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide by electricity suppliers.
 Bi-Annual Report on Fuel Mix - July 1, 2019
 Bi-Annual Report on Fuel Mix - July 3, 2017
 Bi-Annual Report on Fuel Mix - July 1, 2015
 Bi-Annual Report on Fuel Mix - July 1, 2013