Pepco Rate Application


Pepco seeks to increase electric distribution rates through a Multiyear Rate Plan

Following an application from Pepco on May 30, 2019, requesting authority to increase existing electric distribution rates by $162 million through the implementation of a Multiyear Rate Plan for the years 2020 through 2022, the Commission approved a new order (Order No. 20375) that set forth a procedural schedule for this matter.

Pepco has requested authority to earn an 7.81% rate of return, including a return on common equity of 10.30%. See more in the June 2019 public notice on this topic.

A revised procedural schedule was created for this matter on September 24th, by
 Order No. 20632.  A Public Notice was issued on August 14th rescheduling the virtual community hearing from September 1st to September 29th.     If you missed the virtual community hearing but you would still like to get your statement on the record, written comments will be accepted through the Commission’s public comments module, or at, until the close of the record on December 18th.  The evidentiary hearing for this case will be held on October 26-30th. 

For more information, subscribe to the Pepco Rate Application or contact the Office of the Commission Secretary viemail or call (202) 626-5150.

Procedural Schedule
Action Date
Virtual Community Hearings September 29, 2020
Pre-Hearing Conference  July 15, 2020
OPC/Intervenors Parties file Supplemental Testimony on Pepco’s June 1, 2020, Surrebuttal Testimony July 27, 2020
Limited Discovery on OPC/Intervenor Parties’ Supplemental Testimony July 27-31, 2020
Status Conference July 31, 2020
Joint Prehearing Statement and Joint Witness Cross Examination Matrix August 14, 2020
Prehearing Status Conference August 21, 2020
Report on Settlement & Stipulation Conference  August 5, 2020
Order and Report on Status Conference August 26, 2020
Limited Discovery on Pepco July 28th Supplemental Testimony and Exhibits only  September 24, 2020
Discovery Ends October 1, 2020
OPC/ Intervenors Parties file Supplemental Testimony on Pepco’s July 28th Errata & Supplemental testimony October 9, 2020
Pepco’s Responsive Testimony  October 14, 2020
Prehearing Statement on Material Issues in Dispute and Joint Witness Cross Examination Matrix ‚Äč
October 16, 2020
Order on Material Issue  October 21, 2020
Virtual Evidentiary Hearing October 26-30, 2020
Post-Hearing Brief November 27, 2020
Reply Brief (Close of Record) December 18, 2020
* In Order No. 20273, the Commission indicated that any MRP that is adopted should be accompanied by performance incentive mechanisms (“PIMs”). In the Joint Report on the two PIMs meetings held earlier this year, the participants asked that the Commission provide a deadline for and accept into the record comments from any participant in the first two PIMs meetings that is not a party to Formal Case No. 1156, so that these participants also have an opportunity to provide their own specific views on Pepco’s proposed PIMs, and their organization’s desired outcomes, proposed metrics, potential performance incentive mechanisms, and supporting justification. No action has been taken on this request. Parties have until the close of the record (December 18, 2020) to submit any proposed PIMS for our consideration.