Pepco Files Multiyear Rate Plan Application to the DCPSC


FC 1156 - Application of Potomac Electric Power Company for Authority to Implement a Multiyear Rate Plan for Electric Distribution Service.
On May 30, 2019, Pepco filed an Application requesting authority to increase existing distribution rates by $162 million through the implementation of a Multiyear Rate Plan for the years 2020 through 2022. Pepco requests authority to earn an 7.81% rate of return, including a return on common equity of 10.30%. Pepco represents that its application would translate to an increase in distribution rates of approximately $8.57 in 2020, $3.69 in 2021, and $3.19 in 2022 for a typical residential customer who uses 692 kWh per month. For additional information, the public notice is available here.
On August 9, 2019, the Commission adopted a procedural schedule for this matter. To stay abreast of the proceeding, please subscribe to the docket here.

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