Annual Assessments Due April 1st

Each year, the DCPSC assesses electric, natural gas and telecommunications providers in the District for our operating budget and to monitor the level of competition in the District.  The DCPSC requires each provider to complete an annual survey and provide a notarized affidavit to assure the accuracy of the reported information.

This year, annual survey responses are due to be filed with the Commission Secretary’s office no later than April 1, 2021.  Online versions of the response forms are available for Electric, Natural Gas, and Telecommunications.

The DCPSC strongly encourages all suppliers to file responses via eDocket, our online docket management system available to the public for filing documents with the DCPSC.  You can obtain an eDocket profile by submitting a request here

If you require assistance, please call 202-626-5150 or submit an email to