Natural Gas Safety

Washington Gas Public Hearing held on February 6, 2019

Natural Gas Pipeline Safety is a Top Priority for the DCPSC

The DCPSC held its second Community Hearing on Gas Safety in the District. The hearing allowed Washington Gas and Light (WGL) to update the public on its recent actions and future plans to address the community concerns about the need for improved public communications articulated during the Commission’s February 6, 2019 Community Hearing on natural gas leaks (Formal Case No. 977). 

As a result of the first Community Hearing, WGL launched on April 1, 2019 their community engagement pilot project, a Community Share Point Portal, to provide construction updates on Projectpipes for ANC 2e and Ward 5. Approved by the DCPSC, Projectpipes is Washington Gas’ 40-year accelerated pipeline replacement program, launched in 2014 in the District, that is designed to enhance the safety and reliability of natural gas system. For the past 5 years, Washington Gas has worked to replace aging infrastructure across the city. 

Community members in Ward 2 and 5 should contact their Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner or D.C. Councilmember to access the Community Share Point Portal. 

The public can provide comments on this issue until May 24th. 

Click here to watch the community hearing.


In January, the DCPSC began to receive letters of concern from District residents about natural gas leaks. To address the community’s concerns and Mayor Bowser’s request for the DCPSC to look into gas leak reporting requirements, the DCPSC hosted a Community Hearing on February 8 to give the public an opportunity to gain insight into the safety measures employed by our local natural gas utility company, Washington Gas Light (WGL), and to receive comments regarding the dissemination of gas leak information to the community.

The Office of the People’s Counsel (OPC) provided opening comments, and representatives from WGL gave a presentation on how they manage gas leaks in the District. Community members also provided comments about their concerns about gas leaks in their neighborhoods and recommendations on how WGL can improve communication with the public about gas leaks.

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