RM40-2020-01 - Working Group Meeting




Thursday, November 18, 2021
1:00 PM
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Microsoft TEAMS Jamond D. Perry


Working Group will meet to discuss issues surrounding Level 2 System.

Staff will preside over the working group meeting and file minutes in the above-captioned dockets within fifteen (15) days of the meeting. The Working Group is expected to continue discussions surrounding: (1) Pepco’s telemetry and communications requirement; (2) timelines and procedures for interconnection facilities and Public Notice Page 2 system upgrades; (3) the cost matrix; (4) VCREF definitions; and (5) other issues surrounding Level 2 systems. 

Participants should send an email to Jamond D. Perry, Attorney Advisor, at jperry@psc.dc.gov and psccommissionsecretary@dc.gov – subject line: “November 18th RM40 Working Group Meeting.”