Office of Contracts and Procurement

In 2002, the District of Columbia Public Service Commission (Commission) hired its first Contracts and Procurement Officer. Previously, a staff committee had been utilized in the procurement process. However, the Commission decided, based on a procurement consultant's recommendation, that in order to meet the growing demand for contractors and the timely and efficient procurement of supplies and equipment, it would restructure the way it did business. To that end, several contracts databases and systems were updated and new processes, policies and procedures were developed and implemented. Other accomplishments include:

The successful procurement of an amendment to the Commission's lease to incorporate 8,452 square feet on the sixth floor of the East Tower, 1333 H Street, N.W. The Contracts and Procurement Officer worked closely with the D.C. Office of Property Management and the existing property management company, Equity Property Management to procure, design and furnish the additional space.

The Contracts and Procurement Officer has also played a central role in achieving the Commission's goal of awarding at least 50% of its expendable budget to companies that are certified by the Office of Local Business Development (OLBD) in the District Government as Certified Business Enterprises (CBE) and Businesses in an Enterprise Zone. Each year, the Commission has met or exceeded this goal.